Huntington High School senior Eliana Ng

Senior Eliana Ng Plans for Career in Finance

Huntington High School senior Eliana Ng

November 2, 2020

Eliana Ng is a wonderful young woman who has been excelling at Huntington High School for many years. The senior is eyeing a handful of outstanding colleges. She plans to study business and pursue a career in finance.

Ms. Ng is a very good student and an exceptional teenager. She works very hard in each of her classes and she is a fine musician, too. The teenager has repeatedly challenged herself academically year after year and has compiled a spectacular record.

“Some of the courses I am looking forward to taking this year are Advanced Placement Calculus BC, AP Micro/Macro Economics and Virtual Enterprise,” Ms. Ng said. “I am excited to work with all of my teachers as I have had some of them before and have heard wonderful things about the others.”

Treasurer of the high school’s Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter, Ms. Ng is also a member of Huntington’s National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and English Honor Society.

“Mrs. [Lori] Kenny and Mrs. [Elizabeth] Casazza are two teachers that I have been able to talk to about anything,” Ms. Ng said. “They have helped me grow as a student and as a person throughout my high school years.”

The senior has also worked closely with many other faculty members, including several in the music department and even the guidance office.

“Mr. [Brian] Stellato and Mr. [Jason] Giachetti have also supported me tremendously, as I am extremely involved in music,” Ms. Ng said. “They have given me many opportunities to grow as a musician. Mrs. [Catherine] Croke has been a wonderful guidance counselor who has been there for me since my first day at Huntington High School.”

Ms. Ng’s advice to incoming high school freshmen? “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it,” she said. “You will improve as a student and your teachers will respect you for it.”

The teenager is interested in Fordham University, Barnard College, New York University and Hofstra University. “I plan on studying business and am interested in a career in finance,” Ms. Ng said.

Knowing Ms. Ng, she will be working hard until her final minutes in the high school. It’s just the way she is; always seeking excellence and striving to be all that she is capable of becoming.

“I believe that Huntington High School prepared me well for college and I will always have great memories of my years here,” Ms. Ng said.