Huntington High School senior Mackenzie Eccles (1)

Senior Mackenzie Eccles Eyes Career as Veterinarian

Huntington High School senior Mackenzie Eccles

December 11, 2020

Mackenzie Eccles is an enthusiastic and positive thinking young woman. The Huntington High School senior is navigating through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the best possible mindset as she pursues her academic and extracurricular interests and puts together exciting future plans.

“My favorite class this year is Psychology with Mrs. [Lauren] Desiderio,” the teenager said. “I am especially looking forward to having Mrs. [Paige] Tyree for Career and Financial Management next semester.”

Ms. Eccles’ closest friends include Mary Warren, Patrick Sclafani, Mia Redick and Sophia LaCentra. It’s a great group of young people who share many of the same interests and are intensely loyal to each other.

“One teacher who has stood out with me is Mrs. Tyree,” Ms. Eccles said. “She has helped me grow as a person, which made me more confident. Mrs. Tyree is not only an amazing teacher, but an even better person. I am so lucky to have had her to learn from these past couple of years.”

The senior plans to play on the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team during its rescheduled 2021 season. The squad is expected to take the field for practices and games in March-April.

“The best advice that I can give to incoming freshmen is to take risks and make as many memories as possible because these four years will flash before your eyes,” Ms. Eccles said. “But while you are taking those risks remember that school is important. You will thank yourself for taking it seriously from the beginning when it comes to college.”

The senior is considering the University Of Delaware, Bloomsburg University, Clemson University and Quinnipiac University. “I will be studying health sciences and art studies,” Ms. Eccles said. “I would like to be in the medical field in some form, but more specifically a veterinarian.”

As she plots out her future, Ms. Eccles continues to enjoy her daily experiences with her classes, friends, teachers and assorted activities. Like all of her classmates she is hoping to see at least some return to normalcy in the spring before she graduates and heads off to college.

“My experience at Huntington High School has been a very good one,” Ms. Eccles said. “I am so lucky to be part of such a diverse community. Huntington is one big family. I hope my future children get to go to a school like Huntington. I believe it has made me a better, more open minded person and the lessons I’ve learned here will follow me throughout my entire life.”