Huntington junior Katie Browne has given a verbal commitment to Bucknell University's lacrosse program.

Katie Browne Commits to Bucknell University Women’s Lax

Huntington junior Katie Browne has given a verbal commitment to Bucknell University's lacrosse program.

December 3, 2020

Many years of training and competing in tournaments across multiple states has paid off handsomely for Katie Browne. The Huntington High School junior has committed to Bucknell University, where she has been recruited to play on the women’s lacrosse team.

“I chose to play NCAA Division I lacrosse at Bucknell for its amazing academics, its beautiful campus and its strong family oriented team,” Ms. Browne said. “At Bucknell, I’d love to major in the pre-med biology area, but I’m not exactly sure which field I’d want to pursue a career in yet.”

The teenager said she is ready for the challenges she faces in the years ahead. “Huntington has definitely prepared me for college,” Ms. Browne said. “As a three sport varsity athlete, I really had to learn how to manage sports, my honors academic courses and after-school clubs. From this experience at Huntington I feel I have the skills to succeed.”

Ms. Browne has always been a great student. She works hard in her classes, studies and participates in discussions with her classmates and teachers. Good grades are important to her.

“The most valuable and interesting courses I have taken at Huntington have been Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement World History and AP Biology,” Ms. Browne said. “Honors Chemistry and AP Biology furthered my interest in majoring in pre-med in college. AP World History was my first heavy course loaded class and my teacher, Mrs. [Lauren] Desidero really taught me tons of skills and tools that I will need in college. She also taught me to challenge myself because as a freshman I would have never thought I could do the work that class required.”

Ms. Browne has been inducted into the English Honor Society, Science Honor Society and Art Honor Society. “These societies are so rewarding because your hard work is paid off by being a member of such a talented group,” she said.

The teenager keeps up an active social life while still excelling in her classmates and in soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Effective time management skills are among the most important she has learned during high school.

“My best friends throughout high school have been Gretel Cassell, Hanna Carlson, Ella Naima, Aly Baker, Jillian Loturco and Sydney Wekstein,” Ms. Browne said. “We have really been through it all and I’m happy to have such great friends that I’ll keep forever.”

The senior’s advice to incoming ninth graders? “Get involved,” Ms. Browne said. “I’m in the student government and Natural Helpers. I’ve been an officer in student government since freshman year and I loved being able to give back to the community in the various volunteer service activities we participate in.”

The teenager enjoys helping others so Natural Helpers is a perfect fit. “It is an extremely special club and I love the fact the we are a resource for students at Huntington who are struggling or need a friend to talk to,” Ms. Browne said.

The junior is one of the best Blue Devil athletes and she has proved her worth in all three sports she plays. Coaches appreciate her competitive spirit and desire to help her teams win and also help her teammates to be successful.

“My favorite activity at Huntington has to be its athletics program,” Ms. Browne said. “I loved meeting upperclassmen as an underclassman. Everyone was always so welcoming and I made some of my best memories playing on the turf and court. It’s the best feeling to score a goal or make a great play and have the whole team jumping and screaming with excitement.”

Ms. Browne expects to enjoy many more happy days at Huntington High School before she heads off to Bucknell to chase new dreams and conquer new challenges.

“What makes Huntington special are the people you meet here,” Ms. Browne said. “From teachers to students, there’s so many kind people. Mr. [Robert] Gilmor, Mrs. [Ayallah] Jeddah, Mrs. Desiderio and Mr. [Michael] Graziano are some great teachers who were always there to help when needed. Also my coaches and people I’ve meet through the various clubs Huntington offers have been so welcoming and always such great people. One thing I will always remember from Huntington is the whole homecoming experience. From decorating on float night to dancing with the soccer team at the prep rally, it’s a time I will never forget.”