Huntington High School senior Isaiah James

Senior Isaiah James is a Huntington Original

Huntington High School senior Isaiah James

December 2, 2020

Isaiah James is an original. He’s unlike anyone else in this world and that makes the senior one of the most engaging personalities at Huntington High School.

A conversation with Mr. James can take many twists and turns and veer off into unanticipated directions. It never fails to be interesting and usually includes something to laugh about. Needless to say, he’s a great conversationalist.

Mr. James has been in the Huntington UFSD’s fold since his first day of kindergarten at Washington Primary School. He’s always been a standout in and out of the classroom.

The teenager is one of the best Blue Devil track team runners. Mr. James is a county and state champion and an All-American. He loves to compete and has shown he has the nerves to run in the most pressure filled races.

The teenager is attentive to his studies and he pushes himself academically. “I’m taking Advanced Placement US Government and Politics with Mrs. [Kaitlyn] Hanft and AP Computer Science with Mr. [Nicholas] Wagner, which have both been quite interesting as well a challenging,” Mr. James said.

President of Huntington High School’s student government, Mr. James is integrally involved in numerous initiatives around the building. “While it is a big responsibility, it is one that is very enjoyable,” he said.

The teenager has also been selected as a Natural Helper by his classmates. He assists others who are going through tough times. He has an easygoing personality and a gentle manner.

“This will be my fifth year on the varsity track team,” Mr. James said. “I’ve had the pleasure of watching our team grow and change over time as well as competing at very high levels of competition. As one of the captains of the team, I view them as my second family.”

Mr. James considers Carlos Martinez, Charles Kiviat, and Aidan Heller to be his closest friends along with Huntington alums Maddy Meidenman and Justin Stevens.

The senior has developed great relationships with business teacher Paige Furman and teacher aide Eileen Messina. “They have been great role models as well as great people to go to and not just talk to, but to but to be real with,” Mr. James said. “Coach [Ronald] Wilson has not only been a role model, he has pushed me to heights and glory that I couldn’t have ever imagined possible. He also makes some mean fried fish that always hits the spot.”

Mr. James is currently participating in pre-season training with the cross country and track and field teams. Like all of his teammates, he hopes to be able compete in 2021 when interscholastic sports are scheduled to restart.

“If I could give any advice to the incoming freshmen it would be to stay involved,” Mr. James said. “It can be stressful juggling academics, extracurriculars and life outside of school, but that stress pays off and the feeling of completion is a satisfaction unlike anything else.”

With seven months of high school remaining prior to his graduation, Mr. James is spending time mapping out his future. He hopes to stay in the metropolitan area

The teenager is interested in a handful of college topped by Fordham University, where his sister, Sarah attends. “I plan to run track there as well as study business,” Mr. James said.

It seems like Mr. James has been in Huntington UFSD forever, so there will be a void around the building when he leaves for college. But he is sure to be visible on a fairly regular basis since he has siblings making their way through the district.

“All in all my high school career has been one heck of a ride,” Mr. James said. “I’ve seen tremendous highs and devastating lows. Though it’s not quite over just yet, I have really enjoyed my time here at Huntington High School. I’ve met amazing friends, been taught by wonderful mentors and achieved things I never thought I could have.”