Huntington High School senior Layla DeVille

Senior Layla DeVille Enjoys Animal Care Studies

Huntington High School senior Layla DeVille

December 2, 2020

Layla DeVille is one of the sweetest and kindest young women in Huntington High School’s Class of 2021. She has spent the past four years endearing herself to her teachers and classmates and impressing everyone with her helpful and respectful ways.

The teenager especially enjoys taking social studies classes. Ms. DeVille simply loves history. Her favorite course has been Asian Studies taught by department chairman Joseph Leavy.

Like many of her classmates, Ms. DeVille enjoys watching TV or YouTube in her free time, but she also takes delight in reading about history and its facts, figures and many stories that help her learn from past events. She is also quite interested in books about dogs.

Ms. DeVille loves her family and said she’s “thankful they always support me when I need them.” The teenager likes to spend time at the mall, going to restaurants and having fun at the beach.

The senior’s roots run deep in Huntington UFSD, with most of her family having attended classes here, including her uncle Fred Cambria, aunts Cara and Beth Cambria and her mother, Kristen (Cambria) DeVille.

Ms. DeVille’s grandmother, Betsy, has financially supported a scholarship in the name of the teenager’s grandfather, Fred, who was a longtime Blue Devil booster and fan. Based on character, the award is presented annually to a boys’ lacrosse player at the senior athletic awards banquet.

Similar to most teenagers, Ms. DeVille enjoys some of the simple things in life, including texting back and forth with her friends, especially Teddi Carnesi and Marissa Gaal.

Ms. DeVille is currently participating in the small animal care program at Wilson Tech. “Overall, her experience has been very successful and she would like to continue learning about and working with animals,” Huntington High School teacher Erica Murphy-Jessen said. “She would like to volunteer at an animal shelter, so she can care for helpless animals and perhaps get a job in a pet store or animal shelter after high school.”

The senior has had an opportunity to take many elective classes over the years including Creative Crafts and all three courses in the Fashion & Illustration Design program sequence. She considers herself to be very creative and she enjoys creating and illustrating stories in her free time.

Ms. DeVille’s advice to incoming freshmen? “It’s okay to ask for help when you need it or if you are feeling overwhelmed because my teachers at Huntington High School have always given me good ideas and helpful strategies,” she said.