Huntington High School senior Gianna Prosseda

Senior Gianna Prosseda Among Stars of Class of 2021

Huntington High School senior Gianna Prosseda

December 1, 2020

Like so many of her classmates, Huntington High School senior Gianni Prosseda hopes to make this a great year, despite COVID-19 related restrictions. She’s a spectacular young woman who has developed into one of the stars of the Class of 2021.

Ms. Prosseda is a dynamic individual who has a way of making things happen. She has a lively and engaging personality that has helped make her popular with her classmates and teachers. She takes her classes seriously and genuinely enjoys school.

“I am very excited about taking Advanced Placement Psychology this year as I am aiming to major in psychology in college and pursue a career as a research psychologist,” Ms. Prosseda said. “I am also taking Virtual Enterprise with Ms. [Paige] Tyree, which is a really interesting course. As a human resources associate of our company, HomeTown I am able to get a feel for how different aspects of business work. The dynamic and energy of the class reminds me of school before the pandemic. In addition, I am looking forward to working with Ms. [Amelia] Saggese and Ms. [Jordan] Schessler with the student government club as I was elected as public relations coordinator of the Class of 2021.

The highlight of the teenager’s time at Huntington High School has been her participation in the Natural Helpers program. “It feels amazing to be a part of an inner community that is constantly helping others around them,” she said.

Ms. Prosseda has also played in the Blue Devil athletic program. “Field hockey has been an amazing experience” she said. “As a varsity forward, working together with my team to succeed in games has been truly special to me. Although it was extremely disappointing that our fall season was postponed, I am so excited to have a spring season with my team. We have been working on improving our skills and game play and I know that we will have a lot of success.”

Some of Ms. Prosseda’s “best and closest” friends at Huntington include Julie Rogel, Sarah Giarraputo, Taylor Case, Bella Algieri, Bella DiBenedetto, and Angie Hernandez. “All of my friends have always been there to support me and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.”

Huntington High School dean of students Robert Gilmor III has had a “major impact” on the senior over the years. “Gil has been there for me and the entire study body,” Ms. Prosseda said. “I am a member of Natural Helpers and Habitat for Humanity, which are both run by Gil. His constant positivity and friendly demeanor make him truly stand out to me and he is always there to provide support.”

Ms. Prosseda’s advice to incoming freshmen? “Join clubs and get involved,” she recommends. “I have made so many great friends and established so many connections through my involvement in the school community. Even something such as joining a sport you have never played before can make a difference in your high school experience. The Huntington coaching staff is very welcoming and is there to help you every step of the way so you feel as a part of the team. Never be afraid to reach out as well. The staff and students at Huntington are never afraid to give advice and help out with anything you might need.”

The senior is a great student and she has an excellent grasp of her likes, dislikes and what she wants to do with her life. Ms. Prosseda is a decisive young woman who takes her future seriously and has carefully mapped out the path she would like to take as she goes about pursuing her hopes and dreams.

“My top college is the University of Colorado Boulder, because I love the feel of Colorado and I see myself really thriving there,” the senior said. “I plan to pursue a career in psychology with a focus on researching and making discoveries in psychology, which is something that CU Boulder is known for.”

This is a very exciting time in Ms. Prosseda’s life and she is savoring each day. She’s determined to make this a thoroughly enjoyable year, despite the ongoing pandemic.

“I have loved my experience at Huntington,” Ms. Prosseda said. “It is everything I could have ever asked for. The Huntington community is truly special because you can see that everyone genuinely cares for each other. The teachers and staff care about the success of the student body and the school atmosphere is full of positivity. There is something for everybody at Huntington and there are plenty of opportunities that allow anyone to succeed. I am very excited to start my college journey and to have all these memorable experiences I can look back on.”