Huntington UFSD has made an interactive calendar available on its website.

Huntington School District Offers Interactive Calendar

Huntington UFSD has made an interactive calendar available on its website.

August 12, 2019

Huntington UFSD will continue to offer students and parents an interactive calendar filled with important event listings during the 2019/20 school year. There’s even a mobile app for the calendar.

To access the interactive calendar off the district website ( homepage, go to the Quick Clicks Bar and select District Calendar from the drop down menu. Click on the link for Interactive District Calendar or click on the icon to the above left of the traditional links. A link to access a PDF of the full 28 page printed version of the calendar is also available on the same page.

The interactive calendar offers many features that will assist folks in planning for the new school year. Events can be sorted by school or event category. It’s also possible to download all or parts of the calendar using the “export” feature, which might make it easier for personal reference.

Those interested in receiving an e-mail reminder before an upcoming event, can click on the event and a window will open; click on the “Remind” button, enter your e-mail address and choose how much advanced notice you would like. Should assistance be needed in navigating the calendar, a “Help” button is available in the upper right corner of the page.

Folks can add a mobile app to their phone or tablet device to access the calendar:
• Enter in your device's browser.
• Select Mobile view when prompted.
• Days with a dot beneath the number have events. Tap the day number to view the event details.
• Swipe left and right, or use the arrows to move from month to month.
• Tap the Today button to return to the current month.
• Tap an event to view the event details and description. Use the Done button to return to month view.

“While the print calendar has become a staple for many, the interactive calendar can provide additional and/or updated information on district events,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “Additionally, the mobile app allows for set-up of alerts and reminders. A great way not to miss a beat in Huntington.”

Compared to a traditional print version, the interactive calendar contains a great deal of additional information. It will be maintained on a regular basis with additional events added as they are scheduled. The interactive calendar has proven popular with those who have heard about it and visited its pages.

The district website also provides a listing of Upcoming Events on the bottom right of the homepage. It’s an easy way to see what is happening in the district on any given day or to check on events set to occur in the near future.