Woodhull Intermediate School presented student awards

Woodhull School Eagles Flying High

Woodhull Intermediate School presented student awards

March 16 , 2021

Woodhull School opened in late January 1967, absorbing the entire K-6 enrollment of Roosevelt Elementary School, which once stood roughly where the softball field, basketball courts and parking lot are now located at Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School.

Since that long ago date, students passing through Woodhull have been some of the best and brightest in Huntington UFSD. Roosevelt School was mothballed and then demolished in 1968 as part of an Urban Renewal project in Huntington Station. A new school was built less than 100 yards to the north on a plot of land that was enlarged from the original three acres to its current size of about 13 acres on Lowndes Avenue.

Today’s Woodhull Intermediate School serves students in grades 4-6. The youngsters are a wonderful group with a variety of academic and personal interests who blend together in a remarkably cohesive way.

“At Woodhull, we take great pride in the Woodhull Way, which is a school culture that encourages students to be safe, respectful, responsible and kind,” Principal Lara Gonzalez said. “At the end of the first semester, we honored students during our virtual Town Hall grade level meetings. Many students were recognized for their contributions to our school with awards in these categories: Best Effort, Demonstrated Leadership and Kindness/Empathy Toward Others. As principal, I could not be more proud of our outstanding student body. They inspire me!”

The honorees for Best Effort include:

Arlene Maldonado Licona, Jefferson Interiano Villalta, Angel Alvarez, Andrea Lopez, John Dos Santos, Junior Granados, Edwin Lopez, Bladimir Cordova, David Molina, Cesia Lopez, Christian Guandique, Emily Hotine, Anthony Zelaya Anariba, Rocco Caruso, Mia Gulino, George Reyes, Fatima Ramos Quintanilla, Emily Redondo, Raquel Flores, Kaci Caceros, Andrew Lopez, Lixy Sosa

Those recognized for Demonstrated Leadership include:

Gabriel MacManus, Aylin Gomez Chileno, Zoe Chiclacos, Noah Garcia, Abigail Arelt, Hanna Boyle, Karina Rodriguez, Cameron Batts, Iliana Jarmolowski, Rhys Carrill, Ella Van Horn, Nataly Posada, Genesis Hernandez Rodriguez, Julia Goodwin, Chloe Donovan

Honored for Kindness/Empathy Toward Others were:

Francesca D’Eloia, Helena Sullivan, Olivia Guerrero, Andrea Rivera Rivera, Imam Qasim, Matthew Cruz Perdomo, Isabella Rodriguez, Julian Canales, Eli Rodriquez, Christian Correal

With the spring semester now underway, Woodhull students are back to working hard and having fun doing it.