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 Finley spring sports begin on Monday, May 10. (Mike Connell photo)

Finley Spring Sports Begin on Monday, May 10

April 20, 2021
 The Finley football team won its first game of the season, besting Kings Park, 28-0.

Finley Football Tops Kings Park, 28-0

April 19, 2021
 Finley football captains Ethan Naima, Adrian White, Tim McDonald, Tom Kline and Nile Williams.

Finley Football Set to Open Season

April 14, 2021
 The Finley girls' soccer team will play a seven game schedule this spring.

Finley Girls’ Soccer Features Enthusiastic Players

April 14, 2021
 The Finley field hockey team is striving to make Coach Nancy Conlon's final campaign special.

Finley Field Hockey Boasts Aggressive Players

April 13, 2021
 The J. Taylor Finley Middle School boys' soccer team is off to a great start.

Finley Boys’ Soccer Opens with Lopsided Wins

April 13, 2021
 Finley Middle School's co-ed cross country team is off and running.

Finley Cross Country Off and Running

April 12, 2021
 Interscholastic athletics are ready to resume at J. Taylor Finley Middle School. (Darin Reed photo)

Finley Sports Program Ready to Resume

March 3, 2021

Huntington UFSD Announces Important Athletic Dates

December 3, 2020
  The Blue Devil athletic program is on hiatus until January 4, 2021. (Darin Reed photo.)

Huntington Organizes for Resumption of Athletics

September 16, 2020
 Finley seventh and eighth grade girls' can now play on the high school level if they qualify through the athletic placement process.  (1)

Attention Finley Girls’ Tennis Players & Swimmers

July 13, 2020
 Sam Cirlincione (top) applies pressure to his opponent.

Finley Wrestlers Compile 7-1 Mark

June 5, 2020

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Finley Middle School Sports

The J. Taylor Finley Middle School athletic program is developmental in nature. It seeks to encourage participation at several achievement levels on teams spread across four different seasons.

Schools competing at the “modified” level in New York State field teams consisting of seventh and eighth graders. Schools on this level attempt to equalize competition to prevent the overmatching of teams or individuals to the extent possible.

The Finley athletic program stresses the development of strong fundamentals, sportsmanship, the proper respect for authority and the establishment of a healthy balance between sports and all the other activities that seventh and eighth graders normally participate in to prevent an excessive load for any youngster.

Modified athletic programs strive to attain a minimal loss of school time, limited publicity, competent officiating and awards focused on participation.

Finley students are able to explore four different sports in each of their two years of middle school. There are fall and spring seasons along with two separate seasons during the winter months.

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Athletic Director medium Athletic Director small
Georgia Deren McCarthy

Georgia D. McCarthy has been Huntington’s district director of health, physical education and athletics since 2002. She began her career in the district in 1992 as a physical education teacher at Flower Hill and later worked at Huntington Intermediate and the high school.

A member of Huntington High School’s Class of 1982, Ms. McCarthy was an outstanding athlete and earned a full NCAA Division I basketball scholarship to James Madison University, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.

Employed by ABC Television in Virginia, handling sports logging and writing duties, Ms. McCarthy later held a similar position with NBC in New York before ultimately deciding to pursue a career in education.

Adelphi University awarded Ms. McCarthy a master’s degree in physical education in 1990. Her first teaching job was at Friends Academy in Locust Valley, where she also coached varsity girls’ basketball and soccer and junior varsity softball.

At Huntington, Ms. McCarthy coached the Blue Devil JV girls’ basketball team for five seasons and won four Coach of the Year Awards. She also coached the boys’ JV basketball team, volunteered with the boys’ varsity basketball squad, served as JV softball coach and coached boys’ varsity volleyball.

She has been active on the college level, too, first as Adelphi’s head women’s tennis coach and then as a graduate assistant in the women’s basketball program.

After teaching for 12 years, Ms. McCarthy earned her state administrative certification through Dowling College in 2002. In addition to her other duties, she is Huntington’s coordinator of driver education and chairperson of the district’s Comprehensive Health Advisory Council.

Ms. McCarthy takes pride in personally knowing almost all of the students participating in the district’s athletic program. She is a frequent visitor to Huntington’s gyms and fields and is a constant presence at meets and games.

Section XI’s female Athletic Council representative for Conference II, Ms. McCarthy also serves as the Conference II vice president. She is Section XI’s representative on the New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s modified (middle school/junior high school) committee. She is the Section XI Modified Committee chairperson.

A member of Section XI’s official’s negotiations, finance, sportsmanship and eligibility committees, Ms. McCarthy is also a President’s Committee member. She is president of the Suffolk County Athletic Directors’ Association.

A love for sports led Ms. McCarthy to develop a summer lacrosse and basketball camp, which she directed for nine years and which grew to become one of the premier programs in the northeast. She was an AAU basketball coach for many years.

Ms. McCarthy’s father, Ray Deren once held the same position in Huntington that she now does and she regularly credits him for a lengthy list of innovations and accomplishments on behalf of the physical education and athletic programs, as well as for her own success. She started an annual scholarship in his name and presents it each year at the Blue Devil senior athletic awards dinner.

Nominated for Suffolk County Athletic Director of the Year in 2018, Ms. McCarthy has two sons, John and Kenny, who are both Huntington High School graduates.

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  1. To be eligible for participation, a student must have passed a physical examination for the activity he/she wishes to participate in. Physical examination reports completed by private physicians must be submitted to the school nurse for approval. SPORT PHYSICALS ARE VALID FOR ONE (1) YEAR FROM DATE OF EXAMINATION. The district reserves the right to require a physical examination by the school physician.
  2. All students must submit a health history form in order to be re- qualified by the school nurse prior to each season.
  3. Anystudentwhosustainsaninjuryduringpracticeorgame must report it immediately to their coach, athletic trainer and the school nurse.
  4. Any student whose safe participation is in question as a result of the health history interview, an injury, or prolonged absence (5 days) must obtain a medical release from a physician and bring it to the school nurse prior to continued participation in the sport.
  1. To be eligible for interscholastic athletics, a student must be taking at least four subjects including physical education, and be in regular attendance 80 percent of the school time.
  2. To be eligible for an athletic contest or practice, you must be in school a minimum of six (6) periods for that school day. If you must miss any part of the school day, a note from your parent/guardian is required. This note must be presented to the Athletic Director. Only legal excuses/absences are acceptable.
  3. Students are expected to be in all scheduled classes. If you are reported cutting, this information will be given to the Athletic Director and your coach will consult with you. Repeated cutting may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the team.
  4. Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. It is the athlete's responsibility to notify the coach in the event it becomes absolutely necessary to miss a practice or game. This should be a rare occurrence and if you are unable to contact your coach, you must contact the Athletic Office at 673-2018.
  5. If an athlete leaves the team prior to the completion of the season, post-season recognition, awards, and credit may be forfeited. The season consists of the regularly scheduled competitions as well as any playoff or post-season competitions the team or individual has qualified for.
  6. Athletes serving In-School Suspension (ISS) or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) are not permitted to practice or participate in games/scrimmages.

All students are expected to pass all subjects. Passing physical education is a requirement for participation in interscholastic sports. Failure to maintain a passing average in all other subjects may result in being placed on probation from the activity, until improvement is displayed, as judged by the Athletic Director. Students on probation will be required to attend study sessions to concentrate on the subject failed. Participation may or may not continue during the probation. Continued academic failure may result in being suspended from the activity.

As an athlete, you are responsible for the care and the return of all athletic equipment that is issued to you. Any equipment that you do not return must be paid for. Failure to return or pay for equipment issued to you will result in your not being permitted to try out for the next sport season. In addition, if you have in your possession any athletic equipment that has not been issued to you, it could result in the immediate suspension from the team you are participating on. Such items should be turned into the Athletic Office immediately. These rules will be enforced to protect the community’s investment in the athletic program.

No athletic equipment is to be worn without the consent of the coach. Athletic uniforms are NOT to be worn during physical education class. If the student-athlete fails to return or pay for uniforms at the end of a season, he/she may not be eligible to try out for the next sport season.

The school district is not responsible for personal property. It is recommended that all valuables be left at home. Students must provide their own lock to store items in team locker rooms.

The district requires that a Transportation Release Form be completed, signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the athletic office at least 24 hours prior to the contest each time the release of a student-athlete is sought from the return transportation provided by the district.

  1. Sportsmanship:
  2. It is important for athletes to remember that participation is a privilege that is not to be abused by unsportsmanlike conduct. The District athlete is to demonstrate self-control and respect for other students, teammates, other athletes, officials, and spectators at all times. District athletes are expected to treat opponents with respect before, during and after competitions. Congratulations, shaking hands and other acts of good sportsmanship are expected.

    Students are expected to display good citizenship during the school day, on the athletic field, and in the community. You are representing the school district, so you are expected to act accordingly. Behavior that is less than acceptable will lead to temporary or permanent suspension from the team.

    SPORTSMANSHIP CODE: The athlete must understand and comply with the following code:
    1. Follow the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
    2. Eliminate all possibilities which tend to destroy the best values of the game.
    3. Stress values derived from playing a game fairly.
    4. Show cordiality and courtesy to visiting teams and officials.
    5. Establish positive relations with visiting teams and hosts.
    6. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
    7. Follow the Section XI, NYSPHSAA and the High School rules of eligibility.
    8. Links: and

    9. Encourage leadership, use of initiative and good judgment by teammates.
    10. Recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, moral, social and emotional well being of the individual player.
    11. Remember that an athletic contest is ONLY A GAME, not a matter of life or death, for any athlete, coach, school, spectator or community.
  3. Student Code of Conduct:
  4. All student athletes must comply with the District’s Code of Conduct in addition to the Athlete’s Code of Conduct.

Hazing, defined as any activity directed against another for the purpose of initiation into any school district sponsored activity, organization, club or team, is a form of harassment whether it is physical or verbal. It is prohibited and should not be condoned by a victim, coach, staff, school administration, fellow students and especially team members. Any student found to have committed an act of harassment against any student in the District, including team members, will be faced with disciplinary action which may include suspension from their athletic team and suspension from school. Team members are fully expected to notify a coach and other school officials if any such behavior is observed.

An athlete may not use or be in possession of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances such as illicit drugs or steroids at any time. An athlete may not use prescription drugs that have been prescribed for another person. Any student found to use alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal drug on or off school property at any time, including weekends, during the sport season will be suspended from participating in that sport. You have a commitment to your team not only during and after school, but also in the evening and on weekends. If a student-athlete discloses and informs a coach or other school official about his/her substance abuse problem, suspension may be waived if the athlete is willing to take active steps to remedy the problem.

Foul language and insulting remarks are not permissible. Students will not be permitted to fight or strike teammates and opponents unless in the context of a contact sport where such physical conduct is required or permitted. Athletes are expected to obey a coach’s directions. Disobedience, unwarranted comments, and other insubordinate behavior may interfere with the coach’s ability to conduct a practice and may distract from the time a coach should spend for the purpose of the team. Athletes are expected to communicate with coaches before or after practice to avoid distracting team practices and team goals. Athletes are expected to follow the rules and protocol of their sport and should not intentionally violate the rules of the sport that they are playing during practice or competition.

As a representative of the Department of Athletics and the Huntington Union Free School District, you are always in the public eye. Please keep the following in mind as you participate on social networking web sites:

  • Understand that anything posted online is available to anyone in the world. Any text or photo placed online is out of your control the moment it is placed online—even if you limit access to your site.
  • You should not post any information, photos, or other items online that could embarrass you, your family, your team, the Department of Athletics, or the Huntington Union Free School District. This includes information, photos and items that may be posted by others on your site.
  • Behavioral expectations in the online world are the same as in the real world. Student-athletes could face discipline or sanctions for conduct committed or evident online that violates this code in the Student Code of Conduct.

Spectators are an important aspect of the District’s Athletic program and enhance the accomplishments of the individual athletes. Spectators are expected to conform to the accepted standards of sportsmanship and may never distract from the accomplishments of the District’s athletes. Spectators are capable of creating a negative impression of the District’s athletic program and embarrassing District athletes. The following rules of conduct must be followed by all spectators:

  1. Respect officials, visiting coaches, visiting players, visiting cheerleaders and visiting spectators. Treat all visitors as guests to our community and extend all courtesies to our visitors.
  2. Booing, whistling, stamping of feet, disrespectful remarks and obscene gestures must be avoided and will not be tolerated.
  3. Bells, horns or other noise devices will not be allowed during contests.
  4. All spectators must refrain from making derogatory comments toward any District player, coach or spectator.
  5. Absolutely no comment of a personal nature may be made toward a player, coach or official.

These rules and regulations will be enforced. They have been devised to help maintain the integrity of the athletic program here in Huntington and to help each and every student athlete have a safe, successful and enjoyable athletic experience.


Beginning in the seventh grade, in order to remain eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, a student who fails two or more subjects on the informals, quarterly grade reports and/or June final grades shall be required to attend extra help before, during or after the school day. Extra help is defined as attending a set number of minutes per week per subject of tutorial assistance. A teacher certified in the required subject area must administer extra help. If no such teacher can be scheduled, the building administration will arrange for alternative tutoring. Extra help shall continue until the student is failing less than two courses. A student failing physical education, even if it is the only course failed, shall not participate in extracurricular sports.

Students, teachers, advisors and coaches will be notified in writing of the failures. Upon notification, tutorial support will be put in place for the students as will the use of daily/weekly student progress reports. The written student notification will state the effective date of ineligibility. The student has the opportunity to appeal before the Eligibility Committee. Such a committee will be selected from administrators, counselors, teachers, advisors, coaches, and will closely review student progress to determine terms of eligibility or ineligibility for each student reviewed.

A school-sponsored student organization has the right to establish criteria for membership provided such criteria are relevant to the purpose and activities of that group.

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Last Name First Position Season Contact
Wilson Ron Head, Football-8 Fall 631-673-2018
Harris Billy Asst., Football-8 Fall 631-673-2018
Thorbourne Kevin Head, Football-7 Fall 631-673-2018
Ioviero Jordan Asst., Football-7 Fall 631-673-2018
Conlon Nancy Field Hockey Fall 631-673-2018
Smith Travis Boys' Soccer-8 Fall 631-673-2018
Nelson Alex Boys' Soccer-7 Fall 631-673-2018
Roth Linda Girls' Soccer-Blue Fall 631-673-2018
Gonzalez  Ysrael Girls' Soccer-White Fall 631-673-2018
Jackson Mark Cross-Country Fall 631-673-2018
Madden Tim Boys' Basketball Winter I 631-673-2018
Postel Carrie Girls' Volleyball Winter I 631-673-2018
Madden Tim Girls' Basketball Winter II 631-673-2018
Taylor Chris Head, Wrestling Winter II 631-673-2018
Annunziata Anthony Asst., Wrestling Winter II 631-673-2018
Caleca Paul Head, Baseball Spring 631-673-2018
Conlon Nancy Head, Softball Spring 631-673-2018
Bilello Matthew Boys' Lacrosse-B Spring 631-673-2018
Kowelchuck Jonathan Boys' Lacrosse-B Spring 631-673-2018
Smith Travis Boys' Lacrosse-W Spring 631-673-2018
Annunziatta Anthony Boys' Lacrosse-W Spring 631-673-2018
Roth Linda Girls' Lacrosse, Head Spring 631-673-2018
Gonzalez Ysreal Girls' Lacrosse, Asst. Spring 631-673-2018
Marinello Mike Head Girls' Track and Field Spring 631-673-2018
Madden Tim Head Boys' Track and Field Spring 631-673-2018
Taylor Christopher Asst. Boys' Track and Field Spring 631-673-2018
Postel Carrie Asst. Girls' Track and Field Spring 631-673-2018

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Finley Boys' Lacrosse

May, 2019. Credits: Darin Reed

44 Photos

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J. Taylor Finley Sports Program

20 Greenlawn Rd, NY 11746

Grades: 7-8

Mascot: Blue Devils

Facilities: Finley Gymnasium

Finley Fields

Jack Abrams Gymnasium

Director: Georgia Deren McCarthy

Ath Secretary: Nicole Haas

Ath Secretary: Rosemary Fleming

1-631-673-2017 Athletic Director

1-631-673-2018 Athletic Office

1-631-425-4725 FAX

School Hours: 8:05 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.