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Vianca Hinds Chooses SUNY College of Environmental Science

July 13, 2020

Blue Devil Trio Garners Kuver Scholarship Awards

July 13, 2020
  Michael Samuel Gilmor

Special Three Win Michael Gilmor Memorial Scholarships

July 13, 2020

Nathan Soric Chooses the University of Delaware

July 10, 2020
  Daughters of American Revolution

Caitlyn Palermo Wins Daughters of American Revolution Award

July 10, 2020
  John Fulton Award Recipient

Marissa Stafford Named John Fulton Award Recipient

July 8, 2020
  U of Connecticut

Huntington’s Mya Davis Chooses University of Connecticut

July 8, 2020
  Teddy Roosevelt promised Americans a Square Deal

Cole Pillion Wins TR Renaissance American Award

July 8, 2020
  U of Rhode Island

H-ton’s Paige Mangan Chooses Marist College

July 6, 2020
  Daniela Weihskopf has won the 2020 Jagoda Scholarship Award. She plans to study journalism.

Daniela Weihskopf Escobar Wins Jagoda Scholarship

July 6, 2020
  Ever Salinas Alas has captured the 2020 Kurt Schaefer Memorial Scholarship Award.

Kurt Schaefer Scholarship Awarded to Ever Salinas Alas

July 6, 2020
  Faith Youngquist has garnered the 2020 Kate Bender Memorial Scholarship Award.

Faith Youngquist Garners Kate Bender Scholarship

July 6, 2020
  U of Rhode Island

Senior Natalie Ciccone Chooses Univ. of Rhode Island

July 3, 2020
  bEILIeve project

H-ton Seniors Capture bELIeve Project Scholarships

July 3, 2020
  Huntington Class of 2020 member Julia Segal has won the Steven Tribus Memorial Scholarship Award.

Julia Segal Wins Steve Tribus Scholarship Award

July 3, 2020

Huntington’s Joe Mead Chooses Loyola University Maryland

July 1, 2020
  Huntington Class of 2012 alum John Bosco with his sister, Angela.

Fantastic Four Win John Bosco Memorial Scholarships

July 1, 2020
  Huntington senior Chas Forte plans

Senior Chas Forte Wins Edward McGaul Award for Business

June 29, 2020
  Colgate University

Senior Kelly Alfaro-Alvarez Chooses Colgate University

June 26, 2020
  JUstin Giani Memorial Scholarship award

Lex Colato Garners Justin Giani Memorial Scholarship

June 26, 2020
  Appliance World Scholarship award

Jack Flores Captures Appliance World Scholarship

June 26, 2020
  Lehigh University

Senior Emily Cheshire Chooses Lehigh University

June 25, 2020
  Kleet lumber Scholarship

Jamison & Weber Win Kleet Lumber Scholar Awards

June 25, 2020
  St Thomas Aquinas College

Senior Gary Barash Chooses St. Thomas Aquinas College

June 24, 2020
  Old Westbury College

Senior Jai-la’ Bush Chooses SUNY Old Westbury

June 23, 2020
  The New York State Seal of Biliteracy.

Huntington Seniors Notch NYS Seal of Biliteracy

June 23, 2020
  Towson University

H-ton Senior Sam Kimmelman Chooses Towson University

June 22, 2020
  Howard Munson Scholarship

Sulma Campos Captures Howard Munson Scholarship

June 22, 2020
  SUNY Potsdam

H-ton Senior Chris Mavrogian Chooses SUNY Potsdam

June 17, 2020
  Syracuse University

Senior Raul Orozco Chooses Syracuse University

June 17, 2020
  Cornell University

Senior Ethan Mulroy Chooses Cornell University

June 15, 2020
  Mt St. Vincent's College

Senior Erlyn Flores Reyes Chooses Mount Saint Vincent

June 12, 2020
  Alfred University

Senior Josie Fasolino Chooses Alfred University

June 10, 2020
  Boston University

Senior Oskar Kilgour Chooses Boston University

June 8, 2020

Senior Matt Gennarelli Chooses Univ. of Southern California

June 5, 2020
  U Conn

Huntington Senior Casey Coleman Chooses Stony Brook

June 3, 2020
  U Conn

Senior Michael Reed Chooses University of Connecticut

June 1, 2020
  Stony Brook University

Senior Brian Contreras Chooses Binghamton University

May 29, 2020
  Stony Brook University

Senior Moira Contino Chooses Stony Brook University

May 27, 2020
  Sacred Heart University

Senior Maggie Lalor Chooses Sacred Heart University

May 25, 2020
  Manhattan School of Music

Senior Kyle Perea Chooses Manhattan School of Music

May 22, 2020
  quinnipiac College

Senior Riva Bergman Chooses Quinnipiac University

May 20, 2020
  Marist College

Senior Baylie Larsen Chooses Marist College

May 18, 2020
  Colorado University

Kiara Gelbman Chooses Univ. of Colorado Boulder

May 13, 2020
  Fordham University

H-ton Senior Michael Mathews Chooses Fordham University

May 13, 2020
  Pitt University

H-ton Senior Shyann Maragh Chooses Univ. of Pittsburgh

May 11, 2020
  Florida University

Senior Craig Haas Chooses University of Florida

May 8, 2020
  Albany University

Senior Madison Lange Chooses University at Albany

May 6, 2020
  Huntington High School seniors will get a special delivery package on Saturday.

Senior Care Packages Set for Saturday Delivery

May 6, 2020
  Scranton University

Senior Bianca Lella Chooses University of Scranton

May 4, 2020
  Rhode Island

H-ton Senior Steli Vlahos Chooses Univ. of Rhode Island

May 1, 2020
  Marymount Manhattan Colleg

Senior Abby Semelsberger Chooses Marymount Manhattan

April 29, 2020
  Binghamton University

Senior Brooke Biernacki Chooses Binghamton University

April 27, 2020
  Huntington High School has recognized the Distinguished Seniors in the Class of 2020. (Darin Reed photo (7)

Huntington High School Recognizes its Distinguished Seniors

April 27, 2020
  Univ. of Delaware

Senior Neil Jean-Baptiste Chooses University of Delaware

April 24, 2020
  Univ. of East Anglia

Alice Bradford Chooses University of East Anglia in England

April 22, 2020
  The University at Albany

Senior Peyton Kalb Chooses University at Albany

April 20, 2020
  The University at Oklahoma

Senior Izzy Toscano Chooses University of Oklahoma

April 17, 2020
  The University at Michogan

Senior Ryan Williams Chooses University of Michigan

April 15, 2020
  The University at Buffalo is one of the country's top public colleges.

Lily Stein Captures Scholarship to University at Buffalo

April 10, 2020
  bryant university

Huntington Senior Maddie Reed Chooses Bryant University

April 10, 2020

H-ton Senior John Panos Chooses Northeastern University

April 8, 2020
  Utica College

Senior Jaylen Bush to Play Football at Utica College

April 6, 2020

Senior Robert Jean-Gilles Chooses New York University

April 3, 2020
  Lafayette College

Zubair Ali Lands Full Scholarship to Lafayette College

March 30, 2020
  Elon University

Huntington Senior RJ Moreno Chooses Elon University

March 30, 2020
  University of New Hampshire

Senior Bella Thompson Chooses Univ. of New Hampshire

March 18, 2020
  SUNY Maritime

H-ton Senior Aidan Mrotzek Chooses SUNY Maritime

March 16, 2020
  Lousiana State University

H-ton Senior Maddy Meidenman Chooses Louisiana State

March 13, 2020
  Alexa Aviles plans to study nursing at Adelphi University

Senior Alexa Aviles Chooses Adelphi University

March 12, 2020
  Indiana University

Huntington Senior John Lourenso Chooses Indiana University

March 11, 2020
  Oberlin College

H-ton Senior Cole Pillion Chooses Oberlin College

March 10, 2020
  Oneonta State

Huntington Senior Rory Dara Chooses SUNY Oneonta

February 27, 2020
  Huntington senior Chas Forte will attend Roger Williams University in Rhode Island

Senior Chas Forte Chooses Roger Williams University

February 24, 2020
  Huntington senior Chas Forte will attend Roger Williams University in Rhode Island

HHS Class of 2020 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Named

February 14, 2020
  Huntington senior Matt Girimonti plans to study finance at Elon University in North Carolina (4)

Senior Matt Girimonti Chooses Elon University

February 11, 2020
  Vassar College

Senior Diya Rai-Gersappe Chooses Vassar College

February 10, 2020
  Penn State university

Senior Ryan Baker Chooses Penn State University

February 6, 2020
  Monmouth university

Senior Senior Alexandra Gerbavsits Chooses Monmouth University

February 4, 2020
  Penn State

H-ton Senior Kyra DeSalvo Chooses Northeastern

January 31, 2020
  Huntington High School's 2020 senior prom is set for the brand new Water's Edge in Centerport

Senior Prom Set for New Water’s Edge in Centerport

January 31, 2020
  Penn State

Senior Lena Annunziata Chooses Penn State University

January 30, 2020
  Penn State is legendary for its school spirit

H-ton Senior Pat Sclafani Chooses Penn State

January 29, 2020
  Dartmouth College is one of the top educational institutions in the world

Senior Justin Stevens Chooses Dartmouth College

January 23, 2020
  Carnegie Mellon

Senior Gabriel Medina-Jaudes Chooses Carnegie Mellon

January 16, 2020
  Bowdoin College

Senior Jack Flores Commits to Bowdoin College Tennis

January 15, 2020
  SUNY Geneseo

Senior Chris Weber Commits to SUNY Geneseo Swimming

January 14, 2020
  Cornell University

Huntington Senior Bryce Vitulli Chooses Cornell University

January 13, 2020
  Johns Hopkins University

Senior Maddy Kye Chooses Johns Hopkins University

January 10, 2020

H-ton Senior Molly Kessler Chooses Clark University

January 9, 2020
  Vassar College University

H-ton Senior Julia Segal Chooses Vassar College

January 8, 2020
  Colorado State University

H-ton Senior Marissa Cribar Chooses Colorado State

January 7, 2020
  Northwestern University

H-ton Senior Julien Rentsch Chooses Northwestern University

January 6, 2020
  Hampton University

Vennyse Green Plans to Study Nursing at Hampton Univ.

January 3, 2020
  Quinnipiac University

Huntington Senior Chris Bavaro Chooses Quinnipiac

January 2, 2020
  Huntington High School senior Jai-la' Bush

Senior Jai-la’ Bush Smiles on Way to Graduation

December 19, 2019
  Huntington High School

Profile of HHS & Class of 2020 Now Available

December 16, 2019

Huntington Senior Caitlyn Palermo’s Star Keeps Rising

November 26, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Patrick Langton

Senior Patrick Langton is Always Ready for a Challenge

November 4, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Zubair Ali

Huntington’s Irrepressible Senior Zubair Ali

November 1, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Jaylen Bush.

Jaylen Bush Shines in a Class with Vibrant Personalities

October 30, 2019
  Ryan Miller

Senior Ryan Miller Excels Without Spotlight & Fanfare

October 18, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Charlie O'Rourke

H-ton Musicians to Perform at All-County Festival

October 16, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Charlie O'Rourke

Senior Charlie O’Rourke is Huntington’s CEO in the Making

October 11, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Bella Dentico.

Huntington Senior Bella Dentico Carves Her Own Path

October 8, 2019
  Jon Koumas has the ball as he tries to evade the defense.

Senior Jon Koumas Simply Loves Huntington

October 4, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Lex Colato.

Senior Lex Colato Makes His Mark at Huntington

October 3, 2019
  Huntington senior Steli Vlahos is a longtime Blue Devil volleyball player

Steli Vlahos is Huntington’s Cool & Calm Senior

September 26, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Kyra DeSalvo.

Huntington’s Kyra DeSalvo is a Spectacular Senior

September 25, 2019
  Huntington High School senior Luca Perna.

Senior Luca Perna Amasses Impressive Academic Record

September 24, 2019
  Senior Pat Sclafani

Pat Sclafani is Huntington’s Lucky Senior

September 20, 2019
  Goalie Cole Pillion has been spectacular for Huntington this fall. (Darin Reed photo.)

Cole Pillion is the Class of 2020’s Eternal Optimist

September 17, 2019
  Nick Mattio is a key player on the Blue Devil lacrosse team. (Darin Reed photo.)

Nick Mattio Takes Pride in Being a Blue Devil

September 16, 2019
  The National Merit scholarship program has named three Huntington seniors as semifinalists in the 2020 competition (8)

HHS Senior Trio Named National Merit Semifinalists

September 11, 2019
  Huntington's Maddy Kye interned at the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site

H-ton Senior Maddy Kye’s Busy Summer

September 9, 2019
  Huntington seniors and longtime friends Peyton Kalb and Abby Maichin in Quito, Ecuador (1)

Huntington Seniors Enjoy Service Trip to Ecuador

September 5, 2019
  ATH President James Graber with Potter Scholarship recipient Alyssa Sorensen

H-ton Senior Aedan McDonald Ready for Best Year Yet

September 4, 2019

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Homecoming King and Queen medium image Homecoming King and Queen small image
Homecoming Day King and Queen, Jack Jamison
and Isabella Toscano. (Darin Reed photo.

It’s been a tradition since July 1862. Huntington High School’s senior class has been an exceptionally talented group of young men and women. Among Class of 2019 members, more than 90 percent of graduates moved on to college studies with the rest headed to branches of the United States military, vocational and technical programs, a “gap” year before beginning college or immediate full-time employment.

Huntington’s most recent graduating seniors were accepted into a broad array of top tier colleges, including many of the leading universities in the world. The teenagers earned millions of dollars in academic and athletic scholarships and awards.

Huntington seniors have long shined as scholars, athletes, musicians, actors, artists, engineers and scientists and mock trial courtroom warriors. They have taken leading roles in community service initiatives and humanitarian projects and have captured every conceivable honor.

Few high schools can match the record of Huntington graduates and none can surpass it.

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Andrew Knowles medium Portrait Andrew Knowles small Portrait
Andrew Knowles
Class of 2020 Valedictorian

Aidan Forbes has enjoyed a remarkable four year run through Huntington High School. Valedictorian of the Class of 2018, he will attend Vanderbilt University, where he plans to pursue an academic major in economics with possible minors in computer science and Spanish.

A National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Mr. Forbes considered Middlebury College, Northeastern University, Fordham University, University of Michigan and the University of Rochester, before choosing Vanderbilt.

Julian Rentsch medium portrait Julian Rentsch small portrait
Julian Rentsch
Class of 2020 Salutatorian

Sebastian Stamatatos has a laser-like focus on his goals. Huntington High School’s Class of 2018 salutatorian is headed to Villanova University, where he plans to study finance and entrepreneurship in its renowned business school.

Mr. Stamatatos commands the respect of the entire high school community. He’s an articulate, thoughtful and well-informed young man who can hold his own in any conversation. He’s a kind and compassionate soul, too.

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HHS Seniors medium HHS Seniors small
HHS Senior Students

All seniors who are in good standing may leave the building during their lunch periods. They must leave their I.D. cards at the designated area before they leave. All seniors must have a signed Agreement for Senior Privileges form on file in the Main Office.

Seniors may also park in assigned spaces in the school parking lot. A permit must be obtained in the Security Office.

Seniors who return to school late from lunch due to car problems or accident must call the Dean’s Office (673-2007) as soon as possible before the end of the school day in order for the lateness or absence to class not to count as a cut. A follow-up call by the end of the same day from the parent is also required to substantiate that this absence was not a cut. Seniors who return late without a valid reason will lose their senior privilege for one week. Subsequent infractions will be handled progressively.

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  • 2020 Senior Class President: Daniela Ramos
  • 2020 Senior Class Vice President: Julien Rentsch
  • 2019 Senior Class Recording Secretary: Neil Jean-Baptiste
  • 2020 Senior Class Treasurer: Oskar Kilgour
  • 2020 Senior PR Coordinator: Steli Vlahos

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HHS Class of 2020 - 'Distinguished Seniors'

HHS Class of 2020 - Senior Sendoff Parade

Huntington High School - Senior Academic Awards

Huntington High School - Senior Saturday Short Film

A Message to the Class of 2020 - Delivered by Superintendent James Polansky


Huntington High School's 159th Commencement Ceremonies

June 26-27, 2020. (Gallery #3 of 3)

57 Photos


Huntington High School's 159th Commencement Ceremonies

June 26-27, 2020. (Gallery #2 of 3)

60 Photos


Huntington High School's 159th Commencement Ceremonies

June 26-27, 2020. (Gallery #1 of 3)

60 Photos


HHS 2020 Senior Class Waves Goodbye

June 24, 2020.

24 Photos


HHS 2020 Senior Collage

June 19, 2020.

146 Photos

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Huntington High School

188 Oakwood Rd Huntington, NY 11743

Established: 1958

Grades: 9-12

Mascot: Blue Devils

Principal: Brenden Cusack

Asst. Principal: Gamal Smith

Asst. Principal: Lisette Lors

1-631-673-2001 Main Office

1-631-673-2100 Attendance

1-631-673-2132 Attendence Hotline

Attendence email

1-631-673-2105 Nurse

1-631-425-4730 FAX

School Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.