Flower Hill's February Star Student Award recipients.

Flower Hill’s Stars are Spectacular Youngsters

Flower Hill's February Star Student Award recipients.

March 15 , 2021

Spectacular. That word most appropriately and accurately describes Flower Hill Primary School’s Star Student Award recipients.

Principal Lucia Laguarda recently announced the names of the youngsters who garnered Star Student Awards for February and the list includes some really outstanding boys and girls.

The honorees include:

Kindergarten: Victoria Zaccaro, Kevin Fernandez, Reynaldo Sanchez Yanes

First grade: Schudley Boursiquot, Juan Jose Moreno-Quintanilla, Fernando Marroquin Lucero, Angelli Velasquez Lopez

Second grade: Spencer Lapp, Dixi Guzman Saravia, Litzy Segovia Espinosa

Third grade: Charlie Gordon, Bradley Burke, Naloine Nieves Morales, Sofia Tineo, William Pineda Benitez, Jaydon Hernandez Suazo

Flower Hill boasts students that excel in every academic discipline along with the arts and athletics, too. Students know they have it made in the building and they excitedly pass through the doors each morning for another fun day.

The Star Student Award is a big thing around Flower Hill and every youngster is happy to receive it. Typically one student from each classroom is chosen monthly. Their name rings out over the public address system and they march down to the main office with an especially vigorous spring in their step.

Ms. Laguarda and Flower Hill’s faculty complimented the youngsters for their work in classrooms, collaboration with classmates, the kindness and respect they show all around the building and for giving their best effort, day in and day out. The students were presented with award certificates by the principal.

There are more than 300 youngsters spread across grades K-3 studying in Flower Hill’s classroom this year. They are just as energetic, articulate and intelligent as their predecessors over the past 67 years.