Huntington High School sophomore Brad Nisipeanu

Brad Nisipeanu Writes His Way into Huntington’s Heart

Huntington High School sophomore Brad Nisipeanu

January 29 , 2021

As a child, Brad Nisipeanu loved to write stories, poems and articles about what interested him the most. The Huntington High School sophomore is still writing and still expanding his already broad horizons. Few teenagers can match his remarkable intellectual curiosity and drive to take up new challenges and willingness to work incredibly hard to master them.

“This year, I am particularly interested in Advanced Placement Biology, Chemistry Honors, English Honors and Italian 3 Honors,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “The reason being that science and languages are my two passions that I will continue to pursue for years to come. Thus, I am looking forward to working with the teachers for AP Chemistry, AP English Language and Composition and for Italian 4 Honors.”

Outside of class, the teenager has a variety of interests. “I am excited to continue my involvement in chamber orchestra, the Dispatch and Tri M Music Honor Society, either this year or next year,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “I would also like to expand my language skills by being a part of the English Honor Society, Italian Honor Society and eventually the French Honor Society.”

The sophomore is always working to improve himself and grow as a person. “My closest friends are the people I share interests with such as geography, science, languages, etc.,” Mr. Nisipeanu said.

Huntington High School teachers find Mr. Nisipeanu to be interesting and highly informed. He works well with all of them and finds something valuable in each of the faculty members.

“Some teachers that have stood out would be my high school professors, including Mr. [Peter] Crugnale, who teaches Global 9H and 10H and has taught me the rise of human civilization in two of the most exciting classes I have had so far; Mrs. [Aimee] Antorino, who teaches English 10H, including the intricacies of American literature in some of the greatest detail I have ever seen; Mrs. [Deborah] Beck, who teaches AP Biology in a brilliantly structured way; Mr. [Edward] Florea, who teaches Chemistry Honors with precision and humor; Mrs. [Natalia] Kopshti, who teaches Italian 3H, including the culture and logic behind one of my favorite languages’ Mr. [James] DiMeglio, who teaches Orchestra, one of my favorite classes of all time; and Mrs. [Joann] Ferazi, who teaches the nuances of Algebra 2H,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “I am also grateful to Mrs. [Lori] Kenny who since ninth grade helped me develop my passion for science and improve my work pacing skills.”

A member of the high school’s high honor roll, the teenager is always learning and willing to share his experiences. “Some advice I can give to an incoming Huntington freshman is to push yourself to your limits so that you can expand them when real life comes to you at full force,” Mr. Nisipeanu said.

Consistent with being the thoughtful young man that he is, Mr. Nisipeanu has been reflecting on his future and where he might want to attend college and what he is interested in studying.

“Some colleges I am interested in attending in North America are McGill University, NYU and Columbia University,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “In Europe, I would be ecstatic to attend Oxford University or a medical school in Italy. I really enjoyed my experience attending courses from Peking University and may consider continuing my education there.”

The teenager said his main areas of interest are the medical field and linguistics. “I have set a personal goal of becoming a hyper-polyglot (a person who can speak 10 languages or more) by the time I enter twelfth grade,” Mr. Nisipeanu said. “So far, I am proficient in English, Italian and Chinese. The next tier down would be French and one tier below that would be Romanian and Japanese. My plan is to be an intermediate to high proficiency level in all of these languages plus Korean, Cantonese, Spanish and Portuguese.”

Always ready for a new adventure, Mr. Nisipeanu lives every day to its fullest. He cherishes every experience and uses all of them to grow and become intellectually stronger.

“I feel that my experience in Huntington has been exceptional and that it has prepared me for what is to come,” Mr. Nisipeanu said “My friends from other school districts have shared their learning experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and in comparison the teachers at Huntington have risen up to the occasion and excelled in this new, challenging environment. One can see their passion and dedication for helping their students. I am lucky that I have been a recipient of their amazing teaching skills.”