Flower Hill's December stars are a dynamic set of youngsters

Flower Hill’s Star Students Honored

Flower Hill's December stars are a dynamic set of youngsters

January 26 , 2021

Flower Hill Primary School has a new group of star students and the youngsters are thrilled to be receiving the recognition.

Principal Lucia Laguarda and the school’s faculty and staff announced that a sensational group spread across grades kindergarten through third grade have been named Star Student Award recipients for December and turning in a magnificent month.

The honorees include:

Kindergarten: Lina Whack, Morgan Pallack, Poppy McCaffrey-Nitz

First grade: Brooke McDiarmid, Josue Liz Inoa, Jonah Saks

Second grade: Melvin Cordero Rivas, Charlotte Milner, Marlon Gomez Ulloa, Saige Freeman, John Nicholas

Third grade: Molly Barba, John Dello Iacono, Katharine Lyons, Leo Boccuzi, Angie-Perlita Ramos Alejandro, Luke Shanley

While every Flower Hill student can’t wait for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to finally end, they are all working hard in the interim, whether they are in school or at home. The youngsters have been resilient and flexible and have cooperated with all the changes necessitated by the pandemic.

“We are so proud of all of our Flower Hill students this year,” Ms. Laguarda said. “They are really working hard with their teachers and cooperating with each other. They’ve risen to the occasion this year under very trying circumstances. We are especially pleased to recognize December’s Star Student Award winners. They are a wonderful group of boys and girls.”