Huntington High School sophomore Sophie Bradford (2)

Sophomore Sophie Bradford Eyes Career in Sciences

Huntington High School sophomore Sophie Bradford

January 13, 2021

Sophie Bradford takes delight in all the little things in daily life that most people take for granted. The Huntington High School sophomore is a great student who finds a way to contribute to all of her classes. She is involved in the after school club and athletic programs and her classmates and teachers hold her in the highest possible esteem.

“I am thoroughly enjoying Chemistry and Algebra II and I look forward to taking more advanced math and science courses,” Ms. Bradford said.

The dynamic teenager works hard at everything she does and the results have been exceptional. Last spring she captured second place in the individual exhibit category in Huntington’s local National History Day contest for her project on Alan Turing and the breaking of the Enigma Code during World War II. She even traveled to Great Britain and toured the actual building where Mr. Turing worked alongside other code breakers.

The sophomore is very active outside of class, too. “I have enjoyed participating in Habitat for Humanity and Key Club as well as the girls’ varsity track team” Ms. Bradford. “I hope that as the year progresses I can participate in more activities for Habitat and Key Club, however I know we as a school have been adapting our activities to work around the difficulties created by the COVID pandemic.”

The teenager has developed many wonderful relationships with high school faculty members, who all enjoy having her as one of their students.

“All of my teachers have been tremendously helpful throughout my past year and a half at Huntington High School,” Ms. Bradford said. “Some of these include Ms. [Suzie] Biagi (Accounting and Personal Law), Ms. [Lori] Kenny (Living Environment) and Ms. [Pamela] Piffard (Photography). However, all of my teachers have been very supportive and have helped me learn despite all the struggles we have faced this past year.”

Ms. Bradford’s advice to incoming Huntington High School freshmen? “Don’t overwhelm yourself with classes and take it all in stride,” she said. “I would also say to join clubs and sports because they are enjoyable and enable you to meet lots of new people.”

The teenager hasn’t developed a list of potential colleges she might attend, but she plans on applying to schools in the United States and in the United Kingdom, “just like my sister,” Ms. Bradford said. “I intend to study something in the sciences as it is a field that I wish to pursue in the future.”

As the school year grinds on, Ms. Bradford and everyone else at Huntington High School hope the COVID-19 pandemic will finally end and a sense of normalcy will return.

“Despite the difficulties the last two years have presented, I have thoroughly benefitted from my experience at Huntington,” Ms. Bradford said. “I have learned a lot from the teaching staff and been able to benefit from their exceptional guidance.”