Huntington sophomore Peter Gaal

Sophomore Peter Gaal Focuses on Academic & Career Goals

Huntington sophomore Peter Gaal

February 23, 2021

Peter Gaal’s academic and career interests have come into sharp focus at Huntington High School. One of the stars of the high school’s science research program, the sophomore loves biology and chemistry as well as just about anything in the field of medicine. He hopes to become a surgeon specializing in neurology.

“The courses that interest me the most are science research and chemistry,” said Mr. Gaal about his current academic schedule. “No other class I am in has the same feeling that the science classes have. The teachers that have been amazing to work with this year are Mrs. [Lori] Kenny and Mr. [Edward] Florea.”

Outside of his classes, Mr. Gaal participates in the Blue Devil football and fencing programs and is active with the Spanish Honor Society and English Honor Society.

The sophomore’s closest friends are Liam Tucker and Dominick Vidota. “The teacher that has been helping me with everything science research related is Mrs. Kenny,” Mr. Gaal said. “She has helped me the most out of anyone. She has provided me with countless resources to succeed in her class and that has been great.”

While Mr. Gaal along perfectly well with all of his teachers, he clearly has a favorite. “Mrs. Kenny is the one teacher that has really stood out to me more than my other teachers,” he said. “She is great at helping students in her class; she is understanding, can explain subjects really well and is overall an amazing teacher.”

Mr. Gaal’s advice to incoming Huntington freshmen? “Do your homework,” the teenager said. “Falling behind on homework is probably one of the worst things you can do to yourself as a student. If you just do your homework on time, study and pay attention, you can very easily succeed.”

The sophomore always has a plan. Mr. Gaal has been reflecting on the direction he wants to take his life once he graduates from high school.

“I am interested in a well-rounded college experience, including colleges that offer a robust academic program, collegiate athletics and good social and career development opportunities, as well as scholarships for their programs,” Mr. Gaal said. “Right now, my focus is particularly centered around the sciences. I will most likely be choosing a college that has a strong biology, chemistry or pre-med focus. I am determined to become a surgeon, specializing in neurology. While it’s too early to tell specific colleges at this point, schools in this region appear to be able to meet my needs, but I’ll consider all offers.”

Mr. Gaal is finding plenty to like at Huntington High School, where he is surrounded by good friends, interesting classes, well-prepared teachers and enjoyable activities.

“My experience at Huntington has been amazing all around,” Mr. Gaal said. “Participating in sports and clubs is very fun; being around people that are all working for the same thing is great. I couldn’t really ask for anything else; Huntington is great.”