Huntington High School sophomore Isabella Lima

Sophomore Isabella Lima Dazzles at Huntington High School

Huntington High School sophomore Isabella Lima

February 8, 2021

Isabella Lima is enjoying a wonderful experience at Huntington High School. The junior is busy pursuing her interests, making friends and growing intellectually, socially and in every other possible way.

Ms. Lima is excelling academically. She captured a spot on the high school’s high honor roll and she’s impressed all of her teachers this year. The teenager is doing so well that she found it difficult to select a favorite class.

“I’m interested in a lot of my courses so it’s hard to choose one,” Ms. Lima said. “I find Advanced Placement World History very fascinating. I enjoy English as well because I read a lot and I like to see the literature we are studying from different perspectives. I also find Spanish very interesting, learning a new language is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve learned a lot in Spanish. All of my teachers have been great I’ve learned so much in all of their classes.

A veteran of the Blue Devil marching band, Ms. Lima said “it was really fun” to perform with the group. “I made lots of new friends and my flute playing improved. Currently I’m in the Habitat for Humanity club, which is cool. We’ve been doing some fundraisers, which is nice.”

Ms. Lima is a happy young woman who is popular with her classmates. “My closest friends are Rachel Morina, Emma Hannigan, Yoanny Suarez and Nadeera Ali,” the sophomore said. “They’re literally the best people I know. They’re super kind and generous and always there to help me out with homework and things I don’t understand in class.”

Ms. Lima’s advice to incoming freshmen? “I’d say to join clubs or other activities like marching band; you make lots of friends,” she said.

Although she is still only a sophomore, Ms. Lima is beginning to think about possible career interests, but she hasn’t given a great deal of thought yet to her future educational plans.

“At this point, I haven’t really looked at colleges, but I do have a little idea of what I might study,” Ms. Lima said. “I am considering culinary school because I’m very interested in baking. I’m also interested in writing, but I’m still deciding what I would be interested in as a career and I’m keeping all of my options open.”

Excelling in challenging classes and earning the respect and affection of everyone, Ms. Lima is well on her way to maximizing her time at Huntington High School.

“My experience at Huntington has been great,” Ms. Lima said. “I’ve had amazing teachers and I’ve learned so much. There are so many clubs and extracurriculars to choose from.”