Huntington High School junior Evy Diaz-Garcia

Evy Diaz-Garcia Finds Everything to Like at Huntington

Huntington High School junior Evy Diaz-Garcia

February 3, 2021

Evy Diaz-Garcia tries not to get too stressed over anything. The Huntington High School junior leads a very well-balanced life and he tries to go with the flow, stay focused and maintain his natural optimism.

The teenager’s closest friends are Matt Minicozzi, Robert Brown and Jackson Ortiz. Mr. Diaz-Garcia enjoyed an especially fulfilling relationship with high school teacher Timothy Witt, who he said was “pretty chill and helpful.”

The junior has a full academic schedule, including courses in Earth Science, US History, English and Algebra. “My favorite class is US History because I am a big fan of history,” Mr. Diaz-Garcia said.

Once you get to know him it is very hard not to like Mr. Diaz-Garcia. He’s full of energy, very enthusiastic and always seems to have a smile on his face. The teenage is outgoing and always concerned about the well-being of his friends. He has great sense of humor and loves to have fun. No one would ever regret having him as a friend.

The teenager recommends that incoming freshmen “be respectful.” Mr. Diaz-Garcia himself is very respectful. He is well-liked by his classmates and teachers and is widely regarded as a kind and considerate young man who always tries his best.

Mr. Diaz-Garcia has incredibly varied interests, which range from auto mechanics to history. He’s given college some thought and he’s intrigued by Texas A&M, but he hasn’t made any final decisions.

The teenager loves to work on cars and he has learned a remarkable amount about how engines work, especially ones in today’s high tech era. Mr. Diaz-Garcia is also always ready to take whatever opportunities come his way to expand his knowledge of history. He simply cannot get enough of it.

“My experience in Huntington has been great,” Mr. Diaz-Garcia said. “I’ve met good and honest people and also met some of my best friends.”