Huntington UFSD has some of the sharpest young math minds in the United States

Huntington’s Math Olympians Sparkle

Huntington UFSD has some of the sharpest young math minds in the United States

September 14, 2020

It all added up for 125 Huntington UFSD fifth and sixth graders who participated in the 2019/20 Math Olympiad program and shined in monthly math contests.

“Worldwide, there were 170,000 students who took these extremely challenging tests,” said Jessica Risalvato, the SEARCH program teacher who oversees the district’s Math Olympiad initiative. “I would like to congratulate all of our Huntington Math Olympiad students on their achievements, those who were among the top scorers.”

Huntington UFSD has a long tradition of success in the Math Olympiad program and the most recent participants in it have carried on that legacy nicely.

“I am so proud of all of these young people and all they have accomplished,” Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “They provide shining examples of how being challenged can also be a great deal of fun. I look forward to their continued success in math and in all that they do!

Tallying a score in the top 10 percent of all registered Math Olympians in the world were:

Fifth grade: Eric Heinz, Timmy Tiliakos

Sixth grade: Daniel Simon, Mia Kaufman

Messrs. Heinz and Simon with Huntington UFSD’s highest scorers.

Notching a score in the top 20 percent in the world were:

Fifth grade: Colby Curran, Kate Gordon, William Donaghy

Sixth grade: Jessica Bree, Christopher Cabal, Justin Hernandez, Presley Moss, Chase Northrop, William Kim, Ryan DiVico, Thomas Knapp, Jaipreet Singh, Grayson Dunn, Sofia Vias, Dana Saramago

Scoring in the top 25 percent of Math Olympians worldwide were:

Fifth grade: Ricardo Berry, Joseph Conklin, Madelyn Falk, Nirjhor Rahman, Jack Steinberg

Sixth grade: Jordana Boxer, Javier Santiago Benitez, Samuel Klaaren, Daniella DelPonte

Placing in the top 30 percent across the world were:

Fifth grade: Ariana Corvoisier, Chloe Donovan, Kaci Caceres, Addison Delfino, Madyn Kalb, Tommy McMahon, Sena Knopf, Cole Lima

Sixth grade: Wynne Franciscovich, Kevin Gordon, Christian Luca, Daniel Sorto Torres, Dylan Wong, Sophia Blohm, Emma Polinsky

Tallying a score in the top 40 percent worldwide were:

Fifth grade: Finnian Driscoll, Caroline Giordano, Lucy Lee, Dylan Michaelson, Norah Moskowitz, Owen Stevens, Julian Canales

Sixth grade: Sage Cicciari, Jexon Montes Buezo, Emma Boyle, Domenica Elgart, Andy Flores Reyes, Riley Uvena, Jeremy Gross, Caleb Palermo, Kymora Dorvilus, Isabella Smith

Scoring in the top 50 percent of all Math Olympians in the world were:

Fifth grade: James Ruthkowski, Charlie Stanforth, Eli Levi, Blake Bender, Greyson Henderson, Brady LaCosta, Jasmine Adcock, Jostin Ramirez

Sixth grade: Alondra Ruiz, Erick Escobar, Anna McCormick, Grace Oliva, Miller Polak, Riley Sullivan, Marin Mullaly, Reilly Jacobi

Students will be receiving their awards within the next few weeks. “We hope they keep up their fantastic mathematical work this year,” Ms. Risalvato said.