Huntington High School junior Ally Kustera

Junior Ally Kustera Excited to Start New Year

Huntington High School junior Ally Kustera

September 14, 2020

Ally Kustera is hard to define because she has so many talents in so many different areas, but the Huntington High School junior can definitely be called a creative genius.

Ms. Kustera is one of those rare individuals that can conceive an idea, develop it and bring it through to a finished project. The ten minute long short film she directed this past summer and co-wrote was really sensational and of such high quality that it impressed everyone.

“This year, I’m most looking forward to taking Advanced Placement Computer Science,” Ms. Kustera said. “I think it’s super exciting that this is the first year that Huntington is offering it as a class. I’m also excited to continue the video track and learn more about film.”

The “wheels” are always turning in Ms. Kustera’s head. She’s constantly challenging herself and she likes to keep very busy.

“I’m excited to return to Huntington High School’s Interact Club this year and take part in more community outreach,” Ms. Kustera said. “I can’t wait to see what ideas the club comes up with this year to benefit our community and help ease these difficult times.”

A very strong student academically, Ms. Kustera is already thinking about college and potential careers.

“Right now I’m most interested in going to the west coast,” she said. “Some schools that I’m interested in are UC Berkeley, UCLA and USC for their strong computer science programs. I’m thinking of pursuing game programming or design. Virtual Reality development has also caught my eye. These fields are super exciting because they can only grow as technology advances.”