Washington Primary School has always had a family feel to it. (Jeff Dicker photo.)

Together Everyone Achieves More at Washington

Washington Primary School has always had a family feel to it. (Jeff Dicker photo.)

September 4 , 2020

Washington Primary School is set to welcome students back into the building for the beginning of the 2020/21 school year on Wednesday, September 9.

Washington closed in mid-March along with schools across Huntington UFSD and the state due to the shutdown ordered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Planning for reopening has been ongoing for many months.

Washington’s facilities staff has been “working tirelessly to ensure our building is safe and operating according to our district’s reopening plan,” wrote Principal Michelle Richards in a letter to faculty members. “Upon entering the building you will notice yellow lines and social distancing stickers. Our receptionist, Susan Buchholtz’ desk has a partition. Inside the main office, you will also find a partition and lines. Our classrooms and learning spaces have desks that allow our students to be socially distanced. Each student desk has a Lexan shield and is in a row.”

Dr. Richards said she spent “as much time as possible” around her home this past summer. She and her husband, Ken, worked to enhance and enjoy the property. They sent one of their daughters off to the University at Albany while another is now adjusting to not having her big sister at home. “It is all different,” the principal said. “However, we learn to embrace the change and make the best of it all.”

The pandemic has required many changes in traditional practices at schools around the country. “Things look different; however, you will bring everything that is colorful, joyful, positive and good to our learning spaces for our students,” wrote Dr. Richards in her letter. “After all, we are Washington Primary School. We are a place where learning is enjoyable!”

The final touches are now being applied to the building so everything will be ready when students begin marching through the front door next Wednesday.

“In light of our need to embrace the newness of everything, our theme for the year will be ‘T.E.A.M Washington,’” wrote Dr. Richards in her letter. “Together Everyone Achieves More at Washington! This year will be our best year; because we will work together to make Washington the best learning and growing environment for our children as well, as a place where we can learn, grow and work as a professional family. In keeping with our team spirit, Washington Spirit Day will be every Monday!”