Huntington High School sophomore Lauren Gennarelli

Lauren Gennarelli Embraces Huntington’s Science Program

Huntington High School sophomore Lauren Gennarelli

October 27, 2020

Lauren Gennarelli loves science so much the Huntington High School sophomore is taking three science classes this year, including pursuing a science research project. She’s enrolled in several other high level courses and excelling in everything.

The teenager and classmate Nadeera Ali are working as partners on an interesting science research class project this year. The pair work well together and they are confident the collaboration will bear fruit.

“We are testing the effect of radio-frequency on earthworms,” Ms. Gennarelli said. “Earthworms are vital in soil because they provide key nutrients as well as improve water infiltration and soil structure. Radio-frequency is the most common form of radiation that cellphones emit. By testing the impact radio-frequency has on the worms, we can gain a better understanding of the damage cellphones actually cause in the environment.”

Ms. Gennarelli’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement World History with teacher Peter Crugnale, Latin III with Kristin Fortunato, Honors Algebra II with Kara Horn, Honors English with Aimee Antorino, Honors Chemistry with Thomas Van Bell, AP Biology with Deborah Beck and Science Research with Lori Kenny.

“Although I love all of my classes, I am especially looking forward to my science classes,” Ms. Gennarelli said.

The sophomore said she has already joined the high school’s Key Club, National History Day club and the Environmental Club, but I intend to join more as the school year progresses,” Ms. Gennarelli said. “I am also planning on playing on the volleyball team, assuming we are allowed to play in the spring.”

The teenager said she is not “entirely sure” of which career path she wants to take, “but I have always been interested in both marine biology and the medical field,” Ms. Gennarelli said.

The sophomore is working very hard and impressing all of her teachers and classmates. She is enjoying her classes and activities and looks forward to school.

“I think Huntington is an amazing environment with incredible and supportive teachers that make it so much easier for me as well as other students to thrive,” Ms. Gennarelli said.