Washington School's virtual parent workshop drew more than 40 participants.

Washington Virtual Workshop Draws Dozens of Parents

Washington School's virtual parent workshop drew more than 40 participants.

October 23, 2020

Washington Primary School is determined to make its way through the COVID-19 pandemic without allowing its parent connections to falter.

Washington recently hosted its first parent workshop of the 2020/21 school year. It was held virtually and drew more than 40 parents, which pleased Principal Michelle Richards and teachers.

“The workshop focused on introducing parents to the online resources offered by the district,” Dr. Richards said. “It was engaging and informative. Parents were guided through the www.hufsd.edu website beginning with the student health screening form. Then we took a trip to the guidance videos demonstrating how to access applications such as, Kami, Flipgrid and Zearn.”

Parents navigated through the Clever platform beginning with Google Classroom. “During this presentation parents were able to see the landing page for the Google Classroom as well as the Classwork Stream,” Dr. Richards said. “The presenters shared their screen to demonstrate how students are to properly submit their classwork and assignments to their teachers.”

The workshop wrapped up with a question and answer session where parents had the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the applications most used in classrooms across all grade levels.

There were two “breakout rooms” in which parents were presented with either a workshop facilitated in English or Spanish. The English workshop was facilitated by teachers Katie Kalkau, Sandy Ramos and Rebecca Kraus while the Spanish workshop was coordinated by teachers Miriam Engle, Vanessa Ulloa, and Claudia Gonzalez.

“All of the parents in attendance were appreciative of the in-depth presentation of the online platform provided by the district,” Dr. Richards said.