Junior Jasjeet Kaur Plans for a Career in Medicine

Jasjeet Kaur (center) is the Blue Devil marching band's drum captain. (Darin Reed photo)

October 23, 2020

Few can match the exceptional focus that Jasjeet Kaur brings to her daily studies at Huntington High School where the teenager is a junior and one of the stars of the science research program. She is a great athlete and a spectacular student.

Ms. Kaur and research partner and classmate Shannon Kehoe are studying “the effect of natural carbon material and malic acid on Pisum Sativum plants.” It’s a project just as impressive as the title suggests.

Junior Jasjeet Kaur in the field for the Blue Devil softball team. (Darin Reed photo)

“Our formal question is ‘Does the simultaneous use of multiple enhancers affect the overall drought resistance in Pisum Sativum?’” Ms. Kaur said. “In our experiment we are going to be using two additives (graphite powder and malic acid) that have shown positive drought resistance effects to see if the simultaneous use will show better drought resistance in pea plants.”

The research is challenging, but Ms. Kaur likes it that way. “I am very excited to get this project moving forward and I am looking forward to working with Shannon this year,” the teenager said. “She’s a really great partner and we have a lot of great teachers in the program who are helping us.”

Ms. Kaur said that research in this area is important “since global warming and climate changes are increasing abiotic stress on crops which in turn negatively affects the quality and quantity of the yield of crop,” according to the teenager. “By enhancing drought tolerance, plants would be better equipped to survive these changes and would remain a dependable source of food for the growing world population.”

The junior is a great student. Ms. Kaur has been looking forward to taking Advanced Placement Chemistry, AP US History and AP Spanish. “I am looking forward to working with Mrs. [Lauren] Desiderio in Psychology as well,” she said. “All of my teachers have been good so I’m looking forward to working with them all.”

The Blue Devil marching band’s drum captain, Ms. Kaur is a member of the high school’s Key Club as well as the Environmental Club. She is seeking membership in several academic honor societies and she also plans to continue playing for the Blue Devil varsity softball team.

“I haven’t looked into many specific colleges, but I know I want to study in the city or on Long Island,” Ms. Kaur said. “I plan on going into the medical field and eventually becoming a doctor.”