Huntington High School junior Lauren Landolfi

Junior Lauren Landolfi Quietly Compiles Impressive Record

Huntington High School junior Lauren Landolfi

October 22, 2020

Even in a class filled with stars, Huntington High School junior Lauren Landolfi cannot be overshadowed. The teenager has stayed in large part under the radar and out of the limelight while steadily compiling a most impressive resume and record.

Ms. Landolfi is a conscientious, hardworking and serious student with a sense of humor that is hard to match. Articulate, well informed and interesting, she is a great conversationalist.

The junior has been looking forward to taking Psychology with social studies teacher Lauren Desiderio and Senior Band with music teacher Jason Giachetti. “These classes are in line with either my career interests or my personal passions,” Ms. Landolfi said.

The teenager is a great writer and she has a notable sense of service toward others. “I am hoping to get involved with Key Club to help the community through various projects and I am hoping to work with the Dispatch [student newspaper] again,” Ms. Landolfi said

The junior’s closest friends include Jorge Cisneros, Nick Danseglio, Allison Quinn and Aryanna Galloza. She gets along well with everyone.

“The first time that I met Lauren Landolfi was in the Huntington Blue Devil marching band,” Mr. Cisneros said. “I remember that she was very shy, but immediately I knew how talented she was from the beginning. She’s only a junior this year, but sometimes I think she’s a senior because her mature personality and her character brightens everyone’s day. I know for sure she has a bright future and I can’t wait to see it become reality. But for sure, I know she will make the world a better place. Her love for music is astronomical. Having her as one of my close friends this year is a privilege. I will definitely miss her next year.”

The teenager’s friends simply love her. “Even though she seems a bit reserved at first, Lauren is definitely someone you would like to know,” Mr. Danseglio said. “When she’s out of her shell, she shines. Besides being an amazing friend to have, she also strives for the best she can do while helping her friends and peers along the way.”

Ms. Landolfi is an exceptional student along with being a wonderful classmate and friend. “Despite her numerous talents, Lauren is one of the most humble people I know,” Ms. Quinn said. “She’s a kind friend who will cheer you on and be willing to support you no matter what you’re going through.”

Teachers know they have a real gem in Ms. Landolfi and they enjoy working with her and are impressed by what she brings to the classroom each day.

“Some colleges that I have looked into include Drexel University and George Mason University to study criminology as I am striving to become a criminal profiler,” Ms. Landolfi said.