The Poseidon team does whatever is necessary to move the company forward.

VE Company Poseidon Promotes Ingenious Showerhead

The Poseidon team does whatever is necessary to move the company forward.

October 19, 2020

The team behind the Huntington High School Virtual Enterprise company, Poseidon is completely engaged in getting the firm up and running and helping it realize success.

 Poseidon is one of the Huntington High School Virtual Enterprise program companies.
Poseidon is one of the Huntington High School Virtual Enterprise program companies.

The group has selected its executives and assigned roles to everyone in the class. The teenagers are working with business teacher Paige Furman, who keeps students focused and acts as a resource, but otherwise tries to stay out of the way of their creative process.

“Our product is an eco-friendly showerhead that tracks the amount of water used during a shower,” said Jack O’Brien, the company’s vice president of marketing. “It connects to an app that shows you how much water you have used in the shower. This product will help limit water usage and help lower your water bill.”

The company team includes Alex Frawley (chief executive officer), Ainsley Proctor (chief operating officer), Robert Harrington (chief financial officer), Richard Zboray (chief business officer), Jack O’Brien (vice president of marketing), Evan O’Connell (vice president of sales), Victoria Mangan (vice president of design/IT), Jonathan Larice (vice president of human relations), Jorge Valles (marketing associate), Joseph Sclafani (marketing associate), Caitlin Murtagh (marketing associate), John Chirico (sales associate), Tate Furman (sales associate), Noa Kimmelman (design/IT associate), Tylill Evans (design/IT associate), John Marziliano (human relations associate), Matthew Beasley (human relations associate), Brandon Ireland (human relations associate), William McClellan (accounting associate), Eliana Ng (accounting associate) and Tallulah Pitti (accounting associate).

“I’m super excited about Poseidon,” Ms. Proctor said. “Right now we almost have our website and social media up and running and our CEO Alex Frawley is making an actual prototype. I’m elated to see where the company goes and to receive this type of real world experience.”

The course culminates with events that include competitive trade shows and business summits, where students vie against other firms created by high school students from across the world. “This is a challenging, collaborative, hands-on, real-world course for future entrepreneurs and those interested in the business world,” according to the course bulletin.

“I think that we’re doing really well and everyone has really come together in their departments to create a great company that will hopefully thrive in the trade shows,” Ms. Mangan said.

The full-year, one credit business course is available to juniors and seniors. “Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that is set-up and run by students to prepare them for working in a real business environment,” according to the high school’s course bulletin.

“I’m super excited to be a part of this Virtual Enterprise class,” Ms. Pitti said. “Poseidon works really well together and is productive in the class time we have. I enjoy working in the accounting department because it’s teaching me real world business skills.”

Poseidon’s CEO is pleased with the company’s launch. “Everything is going really well,” Mr. Frawley said. “We have a great team with talented people who are all working hard together.”