Huntington High School junior Ryan Porzio

Junior Ryan Porzio is Huntington’s Mr. Reliable

Huntington High School junior Ryan Porzio

October 16, 2020

Junior Ryan Porzio is Huntington High School’s Mr. Reliable. When the teenager takes on a project, makes a commitment or gives you his word, you can take it to the bank.

Mr. Porzio is a highly regarded young man who has earned the respect of his classmates, teammates, teachers and coaches. If “90 percent of success is just showing up,” then the teenager is on his way to accomplishing big things in life because he does more than just “show up.” When he takes on a cause, he only knows how to give it everything he has and then some.

The junior is a great student and he works very hard in his classes. He does more than just give them their due. He genuinely enjoys working with his teachers and learning new things.

“I’ve especially been looking forward to be taking Advanced Placement Statistics and AP US History,” Mr. Porzio said. “I am also looking forward to working with all my teachers because I’ve heard wonderful things about them all.”

Mr. Porzio said he plans to volunteer with Huntington High School’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. He also intends to suit up again for the Blue Devil football and lacrosse teams.

“I plan on trying to be a great teammate,” Mr. Porzio said. He is known to give both sports his all as an aggressive and hard hitting player.

Mr. Porzio’s closest friends include Charlie Girimonti, Jack O’Brien, Lucas Petrizzi and Christopher Maichin.

“Ryan is a great person,” Mr. Maichin said. “I have known him since we were very young, playing lacrosse together, and have grown up with him being one of my good friends. He is an extremely hard worker and pushes others to work their hardest and reach their max potential. You can always count on Ryan to help you out with anything and he will always be there for you giving support and advice. I am happy that we have stayed good friends throughout our years in Huntington.”

Reliability. It isn’t lost on Mr. Porzio’s classmates. They depend on him and his friendship and he is always there to deliver.

“Ryan is a hardworking individual who will never let you down with anything,” Mr. Girimonti said.

The Blue Devil football and lacrosse teams will be counting on the teenager more than ever to be an integral member of both squads this year. He’s a talented athlete who practices as hard as he plays.

“Ryan Porzio is very intelligent and a hard worker, both on and off the field,” Mr. Petrizzi said. “He’s also a great friend.”

Mr. Porzio hasn’t given life beyond high school his full attention just yet, but some possible career interests are already beginning to come into focus.

“I haven’t started to fully look into colleges yet, but I would like to have a career in sports marketing or journalism, business or analytics,” Mr. Porzio said.