Huntington business students are developing a new virtual company called PanTree

Virtual Enterprise Class Creates PanTree Company

Huntington business students are developing a new virtual company called PanTree

October 6, 2020

Huntington High School’s Virtual Enterprise classes are off to a fast start. Students are utilizing a lower level classroom equipped with everything students need to create a business plan for a start-up company.

The full-year, one credit business course is available to juniors and seniors. “Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that is set-up and run by students to prepare them for working in a real business environment,” according to the high school’s course bulletin.

 Huntington business teacher Suzie Biagi.
Huntington business teacher Suzie Biagi.

Huntington teachers Paige Furman and Suzie Biagi lead the course. There are three sections of the class running this year. Students participating in course are already displaying signs of being a spectacular group.

The Virtual Enterprise course was first offered two years ago with the enthusiastic support of Superintendent James W. Polansky and Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack. A sleek room was created and filled with all the tools students need to be successful in the class.

Ms. Biagi’s class recently chose its executive team, which will consist of Sophie Laserson (chief executive officer), Morgan Colleluori (chief operating officer), Mary Grace Rorke (administrative vice president), Aidan Bonn (vice president of marketing), Dylan Coleman (chief technical officer), Matthew Lange (vice president of sales), Liam McDonald (vice president of human resources) and Kathryn Sanseviro (chief financial officer).

The class has formed a virtual company and named it PanTree, which is billed as an “intriguing new food app.” More details about the company and its product are expected to be released soon.

“The class is going great so far as we have just started to really commit to a single idea that is sure to develop into an amazing company,” said Ms. Laserson, the newly minted CEO. “The separate teams within the company have really started to come together as one, which will greatly help us over the coming year.”

The PanTree company team also includes staff members Finn Cocoman, Harris Levinson, Jake Marques, George Morris, Palmer O’Beirne, Lucas Petrizzi, Scarlet Potts, Max Rentsch, Giselle Reyes-Canales, Dylan Schnitzer, Francesca Stamatatos and William Weber.

“I am so excited to be the chief operating officer of my class’s VE company this year,” Ms. Colleluori said. “So far the class was been going really well and I love working with my classmates to create new business ideas. Everyone has been working so hard and coming up with great ideas, so I’m very eager to see our company further develop as the year progresses. We are currently in the beginning process of creating our firm, working off of each other’s ideas to create a successful business. Working with each other virtually is definitely something we are all new with, but we have been able to communicate and work together effectively. I’m so excited to see our company grow.”

Virtual Enterprise course participants learn about all the factors that impact business operations in a free enterprise system. “Students study supply and demand, the Federal Reserve System, taxation by local, state and federal governments, business organizations, the stock market and international transactions,” states the course bulletin. “The students determine the nature of their business, its products and services, its management and structure and learn the daily operations of a business under the guidance of a consultant with the support of a real business partner. They use current business software packages and the internet for business transactions using economics as a factor.”

At this early stage, everyone involved in the new company seems to be pleased. “The class is going well and our firm is working really hard to ensure the success of our product,” Ms. Rorke said. “We have a wonderful team that’s hardworking and diligent and we are all so excited for this year.”

The course culminates with events that include competitive trade shows and business summits, where students vie against other firms created by high school students from across the world. “This is a challenging, collaborative, hands-on, real-world course for future entrepreneurs and those interested in the business world,” according to the course bulletin.