Southdown presented its Stars of the Month Award to dozens of excited students

Southdown Celebrates at Virtual Splash Award Assembly

Southdown presented its Stars of the Month Award to dozens of excited students

October 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and hybrid learning didn’t stop Southdown Primary School’s monthly tradition of recognizing outstanding students.

Typically there would be a Splash Assembly in the school gym, but that wasn’t possible due to ongoing precautions to mitigate the public health crisis that has gripped the world, including Huntington UFSD. So Principal Scott Oshrin and Southdown’s faculty and staff modified the monthly ritual, but still managed to honor some very fine boys and girls by utilizing a virtual format.

The Splash Assembly draws its name from Southdown’s mascot; a dolphin, which is well known for using its fin to splash water onto anyone nearby. The Stars of the Month Award is coveted around the building and received with pride by students who are recognized for their all-around effort in and out of the classroom.

September’s Splash Award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Kylie Araujo Hernandez, Carly Ventura; Kindergarten: Carley Oliva, Dylan Oswald, Malachi Allen, Leah Felico, Emma Kuhn, Eliana Lopez Martinez, Erik Schubert, Ernande Geneus; First Grade: Walter Lopez Tzoy, Amari Victor, Iona Jimenez, Miguel Pittman, John Golden, Jaysleen Panameno, Jesenia Gutierrez Sanchez, Liam Nelson, Natalie Kirk, Skylar Nunez; Second Grade: Anthony Aviles, Matthew Stensland, Jayden Clark, Don’te Parker, Jr., Shaun Oswald, Piper Savatta, Numan Alvardo Interiano, Juliet Grijalva de la Cruz; Third Grade: Angel Contreras Rodriguez, Keyri Umanzor Benitez, Alisson Argueta Mayorga, Naomi Halder, Jennifer Gutierrez Sanchez, Jostin Palma Zavala.

Southdown teacher aide Myriam Palacio was September’s staff award winner. “We works so hard on behalf of everyone at our school,” Mr. Oshrin said.

It wouldn’t be a Splash Assembly without an educational component. So teacher Pamela Schwarting discussed some important points and offered helpful tips that students can use throughout the period of remote learning.

The virtual assembly was held during the late morning. The format allowed students in school and at home to view the proceedings simultaneously.

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