Huntington High School junior Maddy Bavaro

Maddy Bavaro Has Plans for Exciting Junior Year

Huntington High School junior Maddy Bavaro.

October 2, 2020

Maddy Bavaro has planned an exciting year, filled with advanced academic courses, artistic opportunities, athletics and extracurricular clubs. The Huntington High School junior has many balls up in the air, but she has become expert at juggling a long list of activities and responsibilities and producing enviable results.

“Some of the courses I am looking forward to this year are Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Photography,” Ms. Bavaro said. “History has always been my favorite class so I’m looking forward to learning about American history more closely. Photography has always been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school. I am also taking AP English Language and Composition, Italian 4, AP Biology, Psychology and Senior Band.”

Ms. Bavaro qualifies as a high achiever. She excels at everything she touches and she’s not afraid to explore new areas that spark her interest. Teachers and coaches admire her work ethic and willingness to assume new challenges.

“I am excited to work with the teachers who teach AP US History and Advanced Photography,” Ms. Bavaro said. “Just from the few classes I have attended with Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan, I can already tell I really click with his teaching style and he is very passionate about what he does, which I like. Mrs. [Pamela] Piffard is one of, if not the best teachers I have ever had. She is so supportive of her students and really tries to push them above expectations. I am so excited that I have the pleasure of being taught by her for another year.”

Ms. Bavaro is pursuing a well-rounded education and taking advantage of as many opportunities as she can before it’s time to move on from Huntington High School.

Like every other Huntington High School athlete, Ms. Bavaro is disappointed that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the postponement of play until January 2021. “However, I look forward to continuing volleyball, fencing and softball,” she said. “I have been playing first base on the varsity softball team since eighth grade. I’m also excited to rejoin the Grandfriends club and AWOD (A World of Difference). I have also enjoyed supporting the student government in their efforts for homecoming.”

Although it’s still a long way off, the teenager is thinking about her future, including where she might want to attend college and what she wants to study there.

“As of right now, I’m looking at small liberal art schools in the northeast,” Ms. Bavaro said. “More specifically, I am looking at schools like Lehigh, Lafayette and Vassar. I’m considering studying pre-law in college.”