Huntington High School's 2021 yearbook can be ordered online now

Huntington High School 2021 Yearbook Under Development

Huntington High School's 2021 yearbook can be ordered online now.

November 16, 2020

The Huntington High School yearbook has been published yearly in a format close to the current one since 1930. The annual publication takes many dedicated students to design, compile and edit and the 2021 edition will be no different.

This school year’s edition of The Huntingtonian won’t be released until next June, but the yearbook club is already working on the book. All students are welcome to join the club. Teachers Elizabeth Casazza and Kristin Fortunato serve as the club’s faculty advisors.

“This year we have many new members, possibly because it’s easier to attend the meetings online, but mainly since it’s exciting to be part of a club that will have a final product everyone can feel proud about,” Mrs. Casazza said.

Putting the yearbook together is a huge undertaking. It runs hundreds of pages and contains several thousand photos that tell the story of the school year from start to finish. The quality of the books has risen dramatically from decades ago as technology has advanced.

“Everyone has been working hard taking on several tasks such as creating an online ballot for the Senior Superlatives section,” Mrs. Casazza said. “Ryan Aguirre and Kemberlin Hernandez Veliz did an excellent job updating some of the categories. Talented Alexa Rind is taking on the task of photographing and designing the superlatives page. New members Gracie Renkewitz and Katie Renkewitz have designed an original cover for the 2021 Huntingtonian. Joseph Nicotra contributed his time as consultant in the design of the cover as well.”

Sophia Segal is handling the duties of treasurer and Allison Quinn is the yearbook club’s recording secretary. The pair is integrally involved in this year’s publication.

Huntington’s School Heritage Museum includes copies of every high school yearbook published since 1930. Prior to that year, smaller sized pamphlets were issued annually. Those publications were more literary in nature, but did contain some recaps of events, clubs and sports teams. Those pamphlets are also in the School Heritage Museum’s collection.

“The yearbook club could not run efficiently without the ideas, help and dedication of Mackenzie Madison,” Mrs. Casazza said. “She has been wonderful in the way she’s reached out to the Class of 2021 ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to be featured this year.”

Ms. Madison operates the yearbook’s Instagram account, which can be found at @hhsyearbook.2021. The account allows yearbook staff members to disperse information and motivate classmates to contribute pictures and ideas. “The publishing company has strict deadlines that we must meet, therefore the help that Mackenzie and the club members provide is priceless,” Mrs. Casazza said.

There’s always a need for writers, artists, photographers, technology whizzes, editors, proofreaders and a long list of other specialties. There’s also a need for advertisements, which help keep the price of the book affordable.

Seniors are also encouraged to join the Class of 2021 Yearbook Remind @ hhs2021yb for information on upcoming events, links and deadlines.

The two faculty advisors said they are “thrilled” that club members are coming up with new ideas for the publication. “This year, we will be adding new sections titled Where Do You See Yourself in 10 years, Alumni Parents and Seniors, Seniors at Lunch, College Acceptances and several other surprises,” Mrs. Casazza said.

Yearbooks can now be purchased for $85 by visiting and entering school code 4579 through January 22, 2021. Personal ads and name stamps can be purchased at the same link through the same date. After January 22 the price will increase to $95.

Send an email to Mrs. Casazza at or Mrs. Fortunate at for more information about the yearbook or to get involved or discuss placing an advertisement in the 2021 edition.