Southdown Primary School honored October's top students

Southdown School Recognizes Splash Award Recipients

Southdown Primary School honored October's top students

November 9, 2020

Winning a Splash Award at Southdown Primary School has always big deal and it still is, even now during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Splash Award? Well, the school’s mascot is a dolphin, an aquatic mammal that’s known to thoroughly soak the clothes of those nearby from all their flipping around. Remember the beloved 1960’s television show, Flipper?

One Southdown student is selected monthly from every class in the building for formal recognition at the “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars of the month.

Absent the ongoing pandemic, there would have been a festive and educational Splash Assembly in the school gym. It’s been a longtime tradition. Due to changes wrought by COVID-19 and reconfigured space inside the building.

Determined to the award winning youngsters their just due, Principal Scott Oshrin and Southdown’s faculty and staff modified the monthly ritual, but still managed to honor an outstanding group of boys and girls by utilizing a virtual format.

October’s award recipients include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Maryelena Acosta Fuentes; Kindergarten: Wyatt Lanzilotta, Lilah Saks, Christopher Vilorio Ramos, Alisson Rodriquez Hernandez; First grade: Anastasia Calderon, Matthew Mejia Jimenez, Heidy Gonzales Robles, Leo McLaughlin, Fabian Rodriquez Flores; Second grade: Andy Ticas Prado, Andy Velasquez Arevalo, Landon Pacifico-Czerniecki, Scarlett Maldonado Carbajal; Third grade: Kenestie Geneus, Azariah Allen, Nelson Henriquez Jimenez.

Southdown nurse Kimberly Doyno was October’s staff award winner. “She cares so much about all members of the Southdown community, especially our students,” Mr. Oshrin said.

Every Splash Assembly has an important educational component. So teacher Pamela Schwarting discussed some important ways for students to stay healthy during the ongoing pandemic and practice healthy living by making good choices. Teacher Carlene Cournane discussed the concept of diversity and what it means.

The virtual assembly was held during the regular school day so that students in school and at home could both view the proceedings simultaneously.

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