Huntington UFSD school counselor are ready to dispense advice and guidance and provide whatever help they can (2)

Huntington Guidance Department Ready to Help Students

Huntington UFSD school counselor are ready to dispense advice and guidance and provide whatever help they can.

March 27, 2019

Huntington UFSD guidance counselors are just an e-mail away for students and parents who need to reach out for advice and a helping hand regarding school related concerns.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shut schools nationwide, Huntington UFSD’s school counseling team is fully engaged and ready to help whoever needs it.

“As we all try our best to adjust to our new routines, the Huntington guidance team wants to help students and parents through this challenging time,” said Jeannette Alomia, district director of guidance and testing. “The information we are receiving concerning the COVID-19 virus can be quite overwhelming to children and adults alike. To help address the concerns of our students, concerns, it is important to offer healthy strategies and helpful resources. The mental health team developed an e-board that contains resources that can help students and families cope with anxiety, frustration, and stress.”

The e-board can be accessed directly by clicking on a link provided at the top right of the district website’s main page. Go to and click on Mental Health resources.

“Counselors are standing by to assist parents and students with any concerns they may have,” Ms. Alomia said. “Do not hesitate to reach out to us by sending an e-mail. The counselors will respond to e-mail as soon as possible. In addition, our department has its own Remind App. account. We will utilize this platform to post any pertinent updates, reminders, and/or resources. Please refer to the Huntington UFSD distance learning resource link on the main page of the district website for grade level Remind codes.”

Huntington High School’s College Center will continue to send out Naviance e-mail blasts with important college related updates and/or reminders.

“Although school will be closed for the time being, please keep in mind that your Naviance account continues to be a terrific resource for post-secondary planning,” said school counselor Bernadette Walsh, who leads the College Center. “Students in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades, when you log into you Naviance account, you can conduct college searches, career searches and even view thousands of videos broken into themes and interests in the Roadtrip Nation.”

Seniors might be particularly interested in the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s recently published resource for students and families; the College Admission Status Update. Visit to access the compilation and learn more about college visits, deposit deadlines (which may be extended) and more.

“Counselors are working closely with teachers and administrators to be sure that all students are accessing their respective classes on the Huntington UFSD distance learning platform,” counselor Catherine Croke said. “By communicating with students and families via e-mail, Remind and Naviance they are working to ensure that students successfully complete their courses and keep current with college and career readiness.”

Counselor are anxious to maintain regular communication with the students they regularly work with and continue advising them on all things academic.

“We are all facing a temporary disruption in our lives right now,” school counselor Diana Bonilla said. “Some have more leisure time, while others have more household responsibilities. Please remain focused in your studies. Although it seems as though we are on vacation, please know that school is still in session via your teachers’ Google Classroom and other online platforms. In addition, I encourage students and parents to visit the mental health e-board. You will see a sample of a very helpful daily schedule of activities. I hope this can help with time management during the school closure. I also encourage students and parents to reach out to their teachers and/or counselors if you have a question or concern. We are here to help. Simply e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible. Finally, remain positive during these difficult times and follow the proper precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.”

Send a message to Ms. Alomia at if she can help with any guidance department related concern.