BioSol's executive leadership team at this week's LI regional business plan finals.

BioSol Qualifies for Virtual Enterprise National Championships

BioSol's executive leadership team at this week's LI regional business plan finals.

March 13, 2019

BioSol has qualified for the Virtual Enterprises national championships. The Huntington High School VE company has joined the circle of the elite following many months of hard work.

BioSol lays claim to being the producer of the “first-ever” biodegradable sunscreen wipes using only 100 per cent all-natural ingredients that are healthier for the skin and can be safely disposed of environmentally after their use. The company donates five percent of its profits toward environmental research and another five percent to help those who have fallen victim to skin cancer.

The Virtual Enterprise course features students developing and operating a simulated business within a corporate structure to prepare them for the real life business world.

“Throughout the year I have been very impressed with the ambitions of this team, we simply will not settle for anything less than the best and it continues to work out for us,” said senior Charles O’Rourke, BioSol’s charismatic CEO. “Every day we take on the responsibility of doing our absolute level best for ourselves and for each other. Making it to the nationals has been our vision since the first day of the year and we figured that if we worked our hardest 100 percent of the time it would somehow work out.”

BioSol has been impressing the Long Island VE community since last fall. Its 30 page business plan has been called a “work of art.” Huntington business teacher Paige Furman has been working with the class and is the company’s informal advisor.

“I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t thank Virtual Enterprise and all of the administrators enough for offering me this opportunity to lead and be a part of such an amazing program,” Mr. O’Rourke said.

While the BioSol team is thrilled to have qualified for the national finals, recent events have put a damper on the achievement.

“Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the national competition which was set to be in April has been postponed indefinitely and Virtual Enterprises International is working on finding another option, which may include a live video presentation,” Mr. O’Rourke said.

BioSol’s executive team also includes Marissa Stafford (vice president for marketing), Matt Gennarelli (chief operating officer), Alex Gonzalez (chief financial officer), Sarah Giarriaputo (human resources administrator), John Holly (chief sales officer), Andreas Seferian (vice president of design needs) and Isaiah James (office manager).

Junior Harrison Cozine has been referred to as the “brain” behind BioSol’s “billion dollar” idea. Mackenzie Eccles artistic abilities and Nick Lomler’s remarkable skills with Adobe Photoshop and digital design have immeasurably aided BioSol. The team also includes integral members Alexa Amorison, Ben Collins, Jack Flores, Aiden Franznick, Liam Hassett, Owen Husselbeck, Charles Kiviat, Marcus Maerz, Eunice-Bonita Ramos, Cameron Santa-Maria and Christopher Weber.

The BioSol company team intends to keep working hard and it waits to see the format of the national championships. Whatever organizers decide, the Huntington High School business titans will be ready.