Dozens of Southdown Primary School students were named Splash Award winners

Southdown School’s June Stars Shine Bright

Dozens of Southdown Primary School students were named Splash Award winners

June 24, 2020

Southdown Primary School sent dozens of students into summer vacation with June Splash Awards in recognition of all the good things the youngsters have been doing under the most trying of circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in March, but for the past three months, Southdown students have made the best of a very challenging situation. Distance learning certainly isn’t ideal, but the youngsters, their parents and teachers made it work as well as it possibly can and Principal Scott Oshrin is proud of everyone.

Southdown traditionally honors its Stars of the Month with Splash Awards during a special schoolwide assembly program in the gymnasium. Splash Award is a fitting name, since the school’s mascot is a dolphin, which is well known for using its large fin to splash around in the water.

Splash Award winners were recognized for their overall effort and performance. Since the school building is closed, the June assembly was held in a virtual format.

The June Splash Award recipients include:

Kindergarten: Walker Kennedy, Olivia Lanzilotta, Hector Roman III, Amari Victor, Gemma Hoffman, Nathan Holbreich, Dorinda Antoine, Nancy Yanes Ulloa, Liam Nelson, Harrison Weston

First grade: Michael Spagnoletti, Sydney Tuccillo, Amira Ingram, Amora Ingram, Nathaniel Kelly, Christopher Fuentes Reyes, Iago Akerman, Nicolas Akerman

Second grade: Anthony Gonzalez Chavez, Kallye Kuhn, Monalina Bathe, Jonah Abraham, Litzy Chavez, Jeremy Godoy Calderon

Third grade: Devon Maxwell, Matthew Tuccillo, Jack Melia McLaughlin, Lily Policastro, Elisabetta Arra, Cameron Miller

Click on this link to view the virtual Splash Award assembly.