Huntington UFSD Creates New Facebook Page & Address

July 21, 2020

Due to a Facebook malfunction and related technical issues, the Huntington School District has been forced to create a new Facebook page: Huntington UFSD.

The malfunction has prevented the district from updating its original page for several days, inconveniencing the more than 5,900 followers who count on it for daily updates. It is necessary for all followers to immediately transition to the new page, which can be found at this direct link: (The prior page will remain available to view eight years of postings.)

Those who choose to follow can easily keep abreast of district events, announcements, happenings and accomplishments. The district’s website, Instagram and Twitter pages and YouTube channel are unaffected by the Facebook malfunction.

The district has established Facebook posting guidelines to prevent abuse. A copy of the guidelines can be found on Huntington’s Facebook page itself. Those posting items “will be held to a very high standard,” Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky said.