Huntington High School freshman Jeffrey Garcia

Frosh Jeffrey Garcia-Cabrera Researching Fish Behavior

Huntington High School freshman Jeffrey Garcia

January 13, 2020

Jeffery Garcia-Cabrera loves science. He also likes to challenge himself, especially academically. The Huntington High School freshman combined the two interests and enrolled in the science research program and exploring some of his fascinating interests.

Mr. Garcia-Cabrera is currently pursuing a research project focused on fish feeding behavior. “The name of the project is: ‘The Effects of Groups on Feeding Behavior of Exodon Paradoxus,” the teenager said. “I am going to test if the fish eat quicker in groups or by themselves.”

The freshman plans to feed the fish cubes of frozen bloodworms. Mr. Garcia-Cabrera is studying whether the amount of fish in a tank affects their feeding behavior.

“My hypothesis is that if Exodon Paradoxus are alone they will eat slower and the group will eat quicker,” Mr. Garcia-Cabrera said. “The independent variable is the amount of fish in each tank. The dependent variable is how fast they eat.”

The teenager enjoys playing soccer and tennis as well as fencing on the Blue Devil team. He’s been in Huntington UFSD since kindergarten and has excelled.

Enrolling in the high school’s science research class came naturally for Mr. Garcia-Cabrera. “I liked the idea of developing my own project and testing it,” he said.

The freshman has easily settled into academic and social life at the high school. “I really like the town and the schools,” Mr. Garcia-Cabrera said.