Vennyse Green is a member of the high school's Ready Step team.

Vennyse Green Plans to Study Nursing at Hampton Univ.

Vennyse Green is a member of the high school's Ready Step team.

January 3, 2020

Vennyse Green loves meeting new people and interacting with others. The socialable Huntington High School senior will get a chance to make plenty of new friends next fall when she moves on to the college ranks.

While North Carolina A&T State University captured Ms. Green’s interest, the teenager is headed to her No. 1 choice, Hampton University in Virginia. “I’m going to study nursing to prepare for a career as a neonatal nurse,” she said.

 Huntington High School senior Vennyse Green
Huntington High School senior Vennyse Green

Ms. Green has been in Huntington UFSD since kindergarten at Flower Hill Primary School. A member of the Blue Devil track and field team, the teenager is also captain of the high school’s Ready Step squad.

Ms. Green’s closest friends are Jai-la’ Bush and Omari Stephen. The teenager has a very outgoing personality and makes friends easily with her classmates and teammates. She loves to socialize and always has something interesting to say.

The senior participates in the Earn & Learn program as a homework helper. Ms. Green works hard and she gets along well with everyone.

“I am currently taking Pre-Calculus, African-American Politics, Spanish 5 Honors, Physics and Bible Literature,” Ms. Green said. “My favorite teachers are every single teacher that brings nothing but smiles and good times.”

Ms. Green has traveled to Florida and also went to Virginia to visit the Hampton University campus prior to committing to the school.

One of the highlights of the teenager’s time at Huntington High School came last year when she captured a Pride Award for her work in a forensics science course.

“Some advice I would give to incoming freshmen and all students is to always be yourself; never change who you are for anyone; be unique and be a trendsetter,” Ms. Green said. “Be a leader and not a follower.”

As the senior preps for the end of her high school run and a new stage of her life as a college freshman, Ms. Green is thrilled with the coming transition.

“My time in Huntington has been very eventful,” Ms. Green said. “It went by quickly. But I am also prepared and excited to graduate.”