Huntington UFSD is sending 48musicians to the 2020 SCMEA festivals.

Huntington Musicians Tapped for SCMEA Festival

Huntington UFSD is sending 48 musicians to the 2020 SCMEA festivals.

January 2, 2020

Four dozen Huntington School District musicians and vocalists have been selected to participate in the Suffolk County Music Educators Association’s annual festival series next March.

Huntington has a storied tradition of sending a large delegation of top musicians to the SCMEA festival series. Students perform in one of three concerts depending upon their respective grade level. This year’s district contingent will include 48 musicians spread across grades 5-10.

“Every year, music teachers across Suffolk County nominate approximately 5,000 students for inclusion in the music ensembles,” said Eric Reynolds, Huntington’s director of fine and performing arts. “Only several hundred students are ultimately selected for each SCMEA divisional music festival. Having our students represent our school district and community in this prestigious festival highlights the excellence found inside our classrooms and rehearsal rooms.”

Huntington’s All-County performers include:

Huntington High School

Orchestra: Allison Quinn (violin), Sabeena Ali (violin), Sarah Berry (cello), Alexis Kaloudis (violin)

Band: Emma Brendel (flute), Fiona Brosnan (Bb clarinet), Caelan Clayton (French horn), Sarah Corwin (bassoon), Emma Glascock (trumpet/cornet), Cecilia Kye (Bb clarinet), Lauren Landolfi (flute)

Chorus: Dylan Brinn (bass), Mack Brunner (tenor), Morgan Colleluori (alto), Sydney Cordeiro (alto), Ashley Genao (soprano), Lauren Holly (soprano), Ally Kustera (alto), Hannah Roberts (alto)

J. Taylor Finley Middle School

Orchestra: Benjamin Edgar-McNerney (percussion), Charlotte Gordon (violin), Andrea Mani-Munoz (viola), Damaris Mani Munoz (viola), Samantha McGloin (viola), Brooke Parks (viola)

Band: Harry Alba (trombone), Vincenza Garofalo (bass clarinet), Emily Kustera (Bb clarinet), Uma Shtrom (Bb clarinet), Samuel Soric (percussion)

Chorus: Liva Camarata (soprano), Michaela Dopico (soprano), Alexa Shrippa (soprano)

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School

Orchestra: William Kim (cello), Eva Richter (violin), Quinn Rinaldi (violin)

Band: Mia Kaufman (oboe), Thomas Knapp (tuba), Walter Kusterbeck (trumpet/cornet)

Chorus: Katie Cocoman (children’s voice), Lauren Dopico (children’s voice)

Woodhull Intermediate School

Orchestra: Grayson Dunn (violin), Luis Orrego (violin)

Band: Dana Saramago (French horn)

Chorus: Jasmine Adcock (children’s voice), Colby Curran (children’s voice), Olivia Lee (children’s voice), Ella Van Horn (children’s voice)

“The Huntington Fine and Performing Arts Department is grateful for the extraordinary commitment to music education from the board of education and district and building administration and for the unwavering support from our faculty and staff,” Mr. Reynolds said.

Performance Dates

All three SCMEA concerts will be held at St. Anthony’s High School. The Division III (ninth and tenth grades) performance is scheduled for Saturday, March 14 at 7:30 p.m. The Division I (fifth and sixth grades) concert is set for Sunday, March 15 at 1 p.m. The Division II (seventh and eighth grades) performance will be held on Sunday, March 15 at 5 p.m.