Being kind at Huntington High School is becoming the popular thing to do.

Teaching and Practicing Kindness at Huntington High School

Being kind at Huntington High School is becoming the popular thing to do.

February 11, 2020

Teaching and practicing the concept of kindness is not just an initiative that is important on the elementary school level. It’s just as valuable for the Huntington High School community.

“A new way we are trying to infuse the concept of kindness into the culture of the high school is by way of something called ‘AOK’ or Acts of Kindness Awards,” Principal Brenden Cusack said. “This year, we initiated a challenge among all four grades, wherein school spirit, attendance and other events are awarded points for each grade, culminating in an end of year prize for the winning class. One of the components of this challenge is a mechanism by which staff members can recognize the everyday kind acts that kids do when they think no one is watching.”

The notion of being kind as a daily way of life in all matters is catching on as an attractive practice. “Staff members have noticed when a student holds a door for someone, helps carry someone’s lunch or turns in lost money or AirPods with no expectation of recognition,” Mr. Cusack said. “Their names and the deeds that were noticed are recorded in a central spreadsheet and certificates are generated. The class of the student also receives points toward the overall class challenge.”

The kindness movement is growing at the high school. “As we move into second semester, the awards will be given to the kids and the points will be tallied,” Mr. Cusack said. “It’s just a new way to recognize when kids are nice and to show in a tangible way that when you do something for someone, it benefits the whole organization.”