Flower Hill Primary School's Stars of the Month for January.

Flower Hill School’s Stars Sparkle

Flower Hill Primary School's Stars of the Month for January.

February 7, 2020

Flower Hill Primary School has always taken special delight in celebrating the success of its students and there has always been plenty to be proud about since the building first opened its doors in September 1954.

Flower Hill has a great group of young people attending classes in the school this year. They are working hard with the building’s faculty and staff and quietly leaving their mark. Each of the youngsters has their own particular strengths and interests and they all – to a kid – love coming to school each day.

Flower Hill’s teachers found it especially difficult to select a small group for January’s Stars of the Month Award. The youngsters who were tapped broke out in wide smiles when they learned of the honor.

Principal Lucia Laguarda presented certificates to:

Kindergarten: Erin Reed, Fernando Ordonez Carcamo, Mila Cavazos, Iyana Roberts

First grade: Sulmy Dominguez Barahoma, Tyler Dircks, Juliette Prior, Aneka Goutevenier

Second grade: Sydney Amar, James Molina Tax, Jayden Giron Vicente, Joxhdiel Rodriguez, Edwin Lopez, Jr.

Third grade: Emma Martin, Kieran Miller, Ella Schaefer, Dana Mejia Mendoza, Gavin Kline, Olivia Corcoran

The honorees posed with Ms. Laguarda in the hallway before a large mural. They were all beaming as the photographer snapped a commemorative picture.

Flower Hill will be a busy place over the next few months. The PTA will meet on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 p.m. All parents are welcome. The school’s annual talent show is set for Friday, February 28 at J. Taylor Finley Middle School.

Flower Hill’s Pick-a-Reading Partner (PARP) program kicks-off on Friday, March 6. The PTA’s Bingo Night is scheduled for Friday, March 20. Math Night is set for Tuesday, March 31.