Huntington High School AWOD club members are making a difference.

Huntington Students Making A World of Difference

Huntington High School AWOD club members are making a difference.

December 22, 2020

Huntington High School students continue to make “A World of Difference” through a club more commonly known around the school district by the acronym AWOD.

The club promotes anti-bias and diversity programs that allow students to better understand the issues of prejudice and bigotry as well as providing a forum for exploring diverse viewpoints.

This year’s club is led by a dynamic group of officers, including Angelica Hernandez (president), Naysa Escobar (vice president), Kathryn Sanseviro (treasurer) and Sarah Giarraputo (secretary). Business teacher Suzi Biagi serves as the organization’s faculty advisor.

For many years, AWOD has trained intermediate grade level students in techniques to promote an anti-bias and anti-bullying environment.

“A World Of Difference is a club for students who want to see changes in society in and out of school,” Ms. Hernandez said. “We train together and get to know everyone in the group so when we go to Woodhull we know how to talk to the kids. We truly believe that the power of anyone can make a difference. I have been able to see my peers feel empowered and excited to work with the younger kids. I believe that this club is important to the community because we bring new perspectives and new ideas. We are constantly changing the topics in our discussions so we’re talking about modern day things. Ms. Biagi and Ms. [Camille] DeCanio (a retired librarian who has served as an advisor during past school years) have truly been the best mentors and advisors for this club. Being a part of a club like this has given me another family and a group that I can go to.”

The club believes that “the power of one can make a difference.” It was established many years ago and has a secure footing at the high school.

“We try to make the world a better place day by day,” states a new member recruiting pitch shared by the club. “We create great friendships in the club.”

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the enthusiastic teenagers who make up this year’s AWOD club are determined to make a difference in the world.

“A World of Difference starts at the palms of our hands,” Ms. Escobar said. “And we as a club intend to push that further by collaborating with Erase Racism and Unity programs and other schools to provide racial, gender and all kinds of equality. As the vice president, I work closely with Angelica Hernandez to ensure that we don’t only spread awareness and respect for others in the high school, but for the younger generations as well.”