Principal Scott Oshrin in the gymnasium with Southdown School Splash Award recipients

Southdown School Hosts Special Assembly

Principal Scott Oshrin in the gymnasium with Southdown School Splash Award recipients

January 2, 2020

The days leading up to the winter vacation were busy ones at Southdown Primary School, but there was still plenty of time for a jam packed school-wide Splash Assembly.

“The Huntington High School chamber choir came to sing and did an outstanding job,” Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin said. “The children were glued to their performance.”

The “Splash” assembly draws its name from Southdown’s mascot; the dolphin. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and around the building, including being kind to others, demonstrating proper behavior in hallways and even lifting the spirits of someone feeling a little bit down.

One Southdown student is selected monthly from every class in the building for formal recognition at the “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars of the month.

Southdown’s Stars of the Month for December include:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten: Ashton Kalmar

Kindergarten: Valerie Morales Campos, Hector Roman, Hendry Hernandez Murillo, John “Jack” Golden, Darlin Hernandez Blanco

First Grade: Louis Pineda, Jayden Clark, Claudia Campos Garay, Juliet Grijalva de la Cruz

Second Grade: Brady Oliva, Jade Ingram, Maxwell Dickson

Third Grade: Abigail Jessie, Andrea Lopez Coreas, Shea Monge

Melody Renick and Liza Amin were December’s staff Splash Award recipients. The students riding on Van C were celebrated for their positive behavior.

During the assembly program teacher Pamela Schwarting discussed how smiling can change the trajectory of someone’s day. “It’s an easy way to demonstrate kindness to all,” Mr. Oshrin said.

Students are already working to accumulate enough “splashes” between now and the next assembly so they join the list of honorees.