Huntington girls' tennis seniors Paige Mangan, Caitlin Palermo, Lexi Helburn and Isyss Jones.

Blue Devil Girls’ Tennis Celebrates Senior Day

Huntington girls' tennis seniors Paige Mangan, Caitlin Palermo, Lexi Helburn and Isyss Jones.

October 22, 2019

Four very special teenagers were honored by the Huntington High School varsity girls’ tennis team on Senior Day at Coach Cupp Courts.

Huntington seniors Isyss Jones, Caitlyn Palermo, Lexi Helburn and Paige Mangan were all recognized by Blue Devil head coach Jamie Fishlow and their teammates.

“I’ve been a starting Blue Devil singles player on the varsity girls’ tennis team since I was a 12 year-old eighth grader,” Ms. Jones said. “I was honored to be given the opportunity by Coach Fishlow to compete and go undefeated as a 12 year old in my first season. I also helped my team go undefeated in conference play and led them to the playoffs. My Blue Devil career has meant a lot to me because I’ve gained so much experience playing and so much support through the years from my school and team. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I’ve been able to pursue my dreams in education and sports.”

Ms. Jones has also been working hard in the classroom. “This year one of my goals is becoming reality with the support of Huntington teachers and staff,” she said. “I will be graduating a whole year earlier than my projected class year. Overall, my Blue Devil career was a very memorable one and I will forever cherish it as I continue in life pursuing my dreams.”

Ms. Helburn has been a longtime member of the Blue Devil tennis program and she will be missed after graduating next June with Huntington’s Class of 2020.

“Being able to be a leader, alongside with my two amazing co captains, of an amazing team that has made my last year on the team so amazing and putting as much effort in as I can for the team,” has been unforgettable, Ms. Helburn said.

Like her senior teammates, Ms. Palermo has been a regular in the Blue Devil lineup for many years and has developed into an excellent doubles player.

“Playing tennis for Huntington was the fulfillment of a childhood dream with the addition of making lifelong friendships,” Ms. Palermo said. “It’s an absolute honor to play for a team that is there for you even after the sports season has ended. My Blue Devil career has definitely been a successful one, however it wouldn’t have been without my amazing teammates past and present, fellow senior captains, Coach [Jamie] Fishlow and Coach [Eric] Mininni.”

All of the seniors are sorting through their possible post-high school plans, including college options. They have all compiled solid academic records and are looking forward to a variety of career choices.

“I loved being able to play with some of my closest friends who are truly the most hard working and kind people,” Ms. Mangan said. “I loved having Mr. Fishlow as my coach. He really taught me as well as the team to never give up as well as pushed us to be the best that we can be.”