Principal Michelle Richards with September's Washington Ways Award recipients

Washington School Students Earn Honors

Principal Michelle Richards with September's Washington Ways Award recipients

October 8, 2019

There’s always a touch of electricity in the air at Washington Primary School. Principal Michelle Richards likes it that way. The second year building leader wants students who are enthusiastic and excited and she has 350 of them spread across grades kindergarten through third grade.

Washington students love academic challenges. The subject doesn’t really matter. They are up for tackling any topic and work hard to master it.

Dr. Richards recently announced the names of September’s Washington Ways Award winners. They are an outstanding group of youngsters, who are all working hard in their classes and displaying exemplary behavior all over the building – even outside on the playground.

The recent honorees include Alexander Franco, Luca Yanes Reyes, Yuval Barak, Anderson Royce, Roger Hernandez Gamez, Audrey Jenkins, Emily Lizama, Dylan Jurow, Madeline Kyle, Savannah Grigg, Cesar Rivera Garcia, Behan England, Juliana Musun Trujillo, Jimena Jimenez, Dexter Schein, Edwin Hernandez Amaya and John Hernandez.

The entire classes of teachers Emily Meyers and Miriam Engle were recognized as September’s Blue Ticket Award honorees.

“We are delighted with these children and classes and with all of our students who have helped the new school year get off to such a wonderful start,” Dr. Richards said.

Here’s how the Washington Ways program works:

White tickets are awarded weekly for good behaviors and actions in the classroom. White ticket winners are honored with special recognition in their classroom at the end of each week and their names are announced every Monday morning.

Red tickets are presented to individuals for notable good behavior outside of classrooms, including in hallways, buses, the playground and cafeteria, etc. At the end of the month, the student in each class with the greatest number of red tickets is recognized with a special certificate.

Entire classes can earn blue tickets for positive group behavior out-of-the-classroom. Blue tickets are also awarded to the two classes within the building with the most tickets overall.