Bella Dentico flanked by Maria Fuertes and Bella Thompson at a friend's Sweet 16 party.

Huntington Senior Bella Dentico Carves Her Own Path

Bella Dentico flanked by Maria Fuertes and Bella Thompson at a friend's Sweet 16 party.

October 8, 2019

It wouldn’t be surprising if Bella Dentico ended up in Hollywood, working for a major film studio as a makeup artist. The Huntington High School senior is exceptionally creative and has an attention to detail that very few can match.

Ms. Dentico moved to Huntington from New Jersey as a five year old and joined Flower Hill Primary School’s kindergarten class. A fun-loving young woman, she is articulate in expressing her point of view and she displays an independent streak.

 Huntington High School senior Bella Dentico.
Huntington High School senior Bella Dentico.

The teenager’s closest friends include seniors Maria Fuertes, Carley Stevens and Grace Schmid. Ms. Dentico is known as a loyal and valued friend and she has a great sense of humor.

“Bella is one of the best people I’ve met here since I moved to Huntington,” Ms. Fuertes said. “She’s always been there for me no matter what time of day. She’s an amazing artist and makeup artist. I believe she will get far in life with her skills.”

Ms. Dentico is studying Financial Algebra, Literary Fantasy and Economics at Huntington High School. She also studies in Wilson Tech’s highly regarded cosmetology program.

“I would like to study business at Suffolk Community College and then possibly transfer,” Ms. Dentico said. “What I really would like to do is makeup; that’s my biggest passion and main goal for my future.”

The teenager’s friends all say that Ms. Dentico is an “amazing” makeup artist and an incredible artist overall. She works very hard at learning everything she can about makeup and the artistry utilized by the world’s best in the field.

“Ever since I was little I’ve always been interested in makeup,” Ms. Dentico said. “I’ve always been into art, such as drawing and painting and makeup is another form of art that really sparked my interest.”

Ms. Dentico would love to work in Hollywood and it is her biggest goal, “but having any career that involves makeup will make me happy,” she said.

The senior has enjoyed trips to the Caribbean and to visit family in South Carolina. Ms. Dentico has been working part-time at a frozen yogurt store in Huntington village for the past two years.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. [Amanda] Scott,” Ms. Dentico said. “I had her in my freshman and junior years and class with her was always enjoyable. She teaches math well without it being boring.”

Considering her formidable work ethic and the impressive growth in her abilities, Hollywood will ultimately be within Ms. Dentico’s reach. Yes, she’s that good.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Huntington,” Ms. Dentico said. “I’ve made a lot of friends and memories here over the years. All my teachers and classes that I’ve taken have helped to shape me for my future.”