Flower Hill student council representatives are a hardworking group of youngsters.

Flower Hill Student Council Springs into Action

Flower Hill student council representatives are a hardworking group of youngsters.

November 22, 2019

The Flower Hill Primary School student council is comprised of a great group of third graders who are all learning more about leadership and serving the community for the greater good.

Eight third grade representatives are meeting with faculty advisors Karen Cronin and Jacqueline Plesent. The student council’s mission is to spread kindness through the school and community and to develop and coordinate projects that make Flower Hill the best it can be.

Representatives include Isaac Amar, Celia LoPorto, Geimy Manzanares Castro, Hunter Kline, Lauren Reed, Matthew Krull, Kevin Harris and Harper Cohn.

“Our first project, in conjunction with our school counselor Gisselle Soto, was to organize a school-wide food drive to benefit our local food pantry, Island Harvest,” Ms. Cronin said. “The student council made posters, announcements and rallied the Flower Hill Foxes to bring in as many food donations as possible by November 8.”

The student council spearheaded a fun competition among the grade levels and tracked each class’ donations. Extra recess was awarded to classes collecting the most food items.

“Our students donated a grand total of 368 items of food,” Ms. Plesent said. “Our winning classes were Mrs. [Karen] Grosso in kindergarten, Mrs. [Erika] Brignati in first grade, Mrs. [Arlette] Epstein in second grade and Ms. [Allison] Conlon in third grade. Most of all, we’re proud to have helped so many families in our community have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

The Flower Hill student council plans on working on more projects in coming weeks. “We’ve been collecting bottle caps that would have otherwise been trash and are recycling them to create a Flower Hill kindness mural,” Ms. Cronin said. “We are thinking of other community projects for the holiday season like a toy drive and a mitten and hat drive for those in need.”

The class reps and students in every classroom are finding that kindness is contagious. “We are proud to be great examples of putting our school’s motto into practice; ‘Always choose kind,’ Ms. Plesent said.