Huntington's Special Education PTA awarded $2,500 in grants.

Huntington SEPTA Donates Thousands for Mini-Grants

Huntington's Special Education PTA awarded $2,500 in grants.

March 27, 2019

The Huntington School District’s Special Education PTA has donated thousands of dollars to the district to cover the cost of nine mini-grant awards for a variety of educational items designed to improve students’ classroom experience.

Huntington School Board members accepted SEPTA’s donation to the district in the amount of $2,443.66 to fund the competitive grant proposals, which were submitted by teachers.

“Once again, our deepest appreciation goes out to SEPTA not only for the generous grant funding, but for the ongoing support that the organization provides for our students in unsung ways throughout the year,” Huntington Superintendent James W. Polansky said.

The new round of grants includes:

  • Grant: Balance ball chairs

Amount: $155.97

Teacher: Joanne Taormina

School: Jefferson Primary School

  • Grant: Balance chair and bands

Amount: $244.18

Teacher: Renee Garcia

School: Jefferson Primary School

  • Grant: Balance chair and bands

Amount: $226.07

Teacher: Evelyn D’Andria

School: Jefferson Primary School

  • Grant: Games and fidgets for counseling

Amount: $148.60

Teacher: Navila Armon

School: Woodhull Intermediate School/Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School

  • Grant: Flexible seating and horseshoe table

Amount: $443.17

Teacher: Ashley Williams

School: Woodhull Intermediate School

  • Grant: Field trip to support hands on learning

Amount: $81.00

Teacher: Theresa Duffy, Sarah Macaluso, Shelley Stockner

School: Southdown Primary School

  • Grant: “Size Matters” handwriting program

Amount: $448.15

Teacher Linda Malloy-Buonanno

School: Southdown and Washington Primary Schools

  • Grant: Sensory environment

Amount: $465.86

Teacher: Kate Carey

School: J. Taylor Finley Middle School

  • Grant: Reinforcement incentives

Amount: $230.66

Teacher: Megan Scannevin

School: Flower Hill Primary School

SEPTA is led by co-Presidents Tonya Guandique and Elizabeth Lopez, co-Vice Presidents Lisa Hana and Denise Murtagh and fellow executive board members Jenn DiBenedetto (corresponding secretary), Corinne Heffernan (recording secretary), Jennifer LaVertu (treasurer), Rene Babich Dumas (PTA Council delegate) and Meaghan Buffa (PTA Council delegate).

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