Fred and Betsy Cambria with Jackson Pitti at the Blue Devil senior athletic awards banquet.

Jackson Pitti Wins Fred Cambria Award

Fred and Betsy Cambria with Jackson Pitti at the Blue Devil senior athletic awards banquet.

June 11, 2019

Huntington senior Jackson Pitti captured the Fred Cambria Award at the 51st annual Blue Devil senior athletic awards banquet in Louis D. Giani Gymnasium.

It was nearly impossible to attend a Huntington athletic event and not find Fred Cambria somewhere near the sidelines. The Blue Devils biggest fan was especially rabid when it came to football and lacrosse. His son Fred played on the Syracuse lacrosse team that won the 1983 national championship. Even when his children weren’t directly involved in a sport, you would still see him providing his support.

Huntington senior Jackson Pitti.
Huntington senior Jackson Pitti.

Huntington boys’ varsity lacrosse coach Julian Watts said the Fred Cambria Award “is dedicated to a man who understood the meaning of respect, sportsmanship and community.” Mr. Cambria’s widow, Betsy and son Fred were on hand to make the formal presentation before a crowd about 225.

Mr. Pitti is headed to Purdue University in Indiana where he plans to pursue a degree in civil engineering. Named a Distinguished Senior earlier this spring, the senior is on Huntington High School’s Honor Roll.

An Interact Club administrative assistant, Mr. Pitti has been on the Blue Devil varsity lacrosse team for the past three years. He’s tutored younger students at Tri-CYA and been inducted into numerous academic honor societies.

The teenager said the key to his success has been “asking a lot of questions and helping my friends if they do not understand a topic by teaching it to them so I can make sure I have it down pat.”

The Cambria Award is presented “to a player who shows great sportsmanship and enjoyment toward the game of lacrosse.” The award carries with it a $200 stipend.

Mr. Cambria, who passed away suddenly many years ago, continued to support the Huntington lacrosse program even after his own children had graduated. He was known throughout the community and by the Blue Devil coaching staff as a pleasant man with an enthusiastic and upbeat personality.