A dazzling array of artwork was on display at the district's annual show

Blue Ribbons of Excellence Awarded at Art Show

A dazzling array of artwork was on display at the district's annual show.

June 3, 2019

A crowd of hundreds explored this week’s Huntington School District art show. Many were surprised that the work was created by students that ranged in age from five to 18. The pieces on display covered just about every type of art.

The annual event is timed to coincide with the district’s budget vote and trustee election to maximize attendance. Voters were encouraged to walk down the high school’s main hallway from the lobby to the gym, where thousands of pieces of art awaited visitors.

There were also afternoon and evening fashion shows on Tuesday. Folks of all ages stopped to watch students display their designs on the catwalk.

“Congratulations to all of our student artists for their participation in this year’s districtwide art exhibit,” said Eric Reynolds, district director of fine and performing arts. “And, bravo to our student designers and models in the annual fashion show. Our dedicated staff exposes our students to a variety of artistic mediums and educates them on techniques and art history. Through focused instruction and allowance for individualized creativity, the impressive work of our students rival pieces shown in a gallery or museum. Kudos to the art teachers for sharing their talents, time and energy with our children.”

The show utilized two-thirds of the Louis D. Giani Gymnasium. The exhibits were elegantly displayed and the show itself was easy to navigate. There was something for everyone to appreciate, that’s for sure.

Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence Honorees

Flower Hill Primary School

Art Teacher: Jackie Plesent

Student Medium

Campbell Arthur: Mixed Media

Sabrina Bijou: Mixed Media

Christopher Breingan: Paint

Luke Shanley: Mixed Media

Perla Nativi Ulloa: Oil Pastels

Arianna Wilson: Mixed Media

Jefferson Primary School

Art teacher: Maria Mazzola

Student Medium

Katelynn Biancardo: Mixed Media

Ali Brady: Markers

Bella Duke: Oil Pastels

Julia Hotine: Mixed Media

Karla Umana Santos: Mixed Media

Bennett Wagner: Mixed Media

Southdown Primary School

Art Teacher: Jackie Plesent

Student Medium

Emma Aversano: Paint

Abigail Jessie: Mixed Media

Henry Jessie: Mixed Media

Georgia Keely: Paint

Estefany Coreas Lara: Mixed Media

Angel Contreras Rodriguez: Mixed Media

Washington Primary School

Art Teacher: Maria Mazzola

Student Medium

Valerie Alfaro: Oil Pastels

Diego Bonilla: Mixed Media

Isla Campbell: Mixed Media

Tillie England: Mixed Media

Michael Bonilla Gomez: Oil Pastels

Abigail Uvena: Mixed Media

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School

Art Teachers: Todd Hiscox and Karen Morea

Student Medium

Emely Granados Alvarez: Model Magic Clay and Acrylic

Jessica Bree: Sharpie and Acetate

Avery Davidson: Tempera and Sharpie

Kenneth Gilhuley: Mixed Media

Anya Goleski: Mixed Media

Kevin Gordon: Sharpie and Chalk Pastel

Jamyn Husselbeck: Tempera Paint

Matthew Jimenez: Mixed Media

Jared McDonald: Model Magic Clay and Acrylic

Nirjhor Rahman: Tempera and Sharpie

Kai Rotunno: Ceramics

Cameron Smith: Mixed Media

Darcy Verville: Mixed Media

Parker Wands: Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Kamirah Wilkins: Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Woodhull Intermediate School

Art Teacher: Todd Hiscox

Student Medium

Sage Cicciari: Wire Sculpture

Lauren Donaghy: Ceramics

Grayson Dunn: Sharpie and Acetate

Domenica Elgart: Tempera Paint

Emily Redondo Guillen: Watercolor and Sharpie

Amalia Heinz: Sculpey

Emely Herrera: Tempera Paint

Lily Hotine: Ceramics

Giovanna Lanfranco: Pencil and Chalk Pastel

Yarisa Maldonado: Watercolor, Tempera and Acrylic Paints

Dana Saramago: Pencil and Chalk Pastel

John Song: Chalk Pastel

Samuel Soric: Colored Pencil and Watercolor

Ella Van Horn: Acrylic Paint and Sharpie

Sofia Villatoro: Ceramics

Luka Zivkovic: Chalk Pastel

J. Taylor Finley Middle School

Art Teachers: Karen Morea, Dena Mortell and Jennifer Geduldig

Student Medium

Olivia Agosti: Acrylic paints

Justin Alvarez: Sharpie

Dyana Augustin: Oil Pastels

Kayleigh Bender: Oil Pastels

Laurel Bonn: Scratch Art

Cristian Delgado: Mixed Media

Aislyn Franciscovich: Ceramics

Emily Gershuny: Color pencil/watercolor

Samantha McGloin: Colored Pencil and Sharpie

Katherine Estrada Morales: Colored pencil

Rachel Morina: Soft Pastel

Christian St. John: Graphite Pencil

Uma Shtrom: Oil Pastels

Ella Torregrossa: Pencil

Huntington High School

Art Teachers: Kim Valerio, Kasmira Mohanty, Jane Judson, Kristin Singer, Heather Swan, Ayallah Jeddah and Pamela Piffard

Student Medium

Diana Aparicio: Polymer Clay

Griffin Bluemer: Video

Francisco Castillo: Media Arts-Still Life

Ever Ramirez Chavez: Ceramics

Olivia Conte: Handbag

Jordan Cook: Glass Mosaic

Mia D'Alessandro: Computer Graphics

Irtana Deslouches: Photography

Josefina Fasolino: Charcoal Drawing

James Felicetta: Media Arts-Surrealism

Erik Flores: Mixed Media

Makaylah Frazier: Mosaic

Andreu Nunez Gomez: Photography

Vianca Hinds: Photography

Christina Hornstein: Computer Graphics

Anna Koulakova: Watercolor

Nicholas Kretschmer: Photography

Lauren Landolfi: Computer Graphics

Zadie Lauer: Ceramics

Niurca Chabla Leon: Papercut

Paige Mangan: Gown

Andrew McKenzie: Ceramics

Media Arts Classes Periods 4 & 6: Rotoscope

Jeraine Nieves Morales: Mixed Media Dress Form

Johanna Campos Moreira: Gown

Angel Nativi: Collage Landscape

John O'Brien: Computer Graphics

Jazlyn Chapas Oliva: White Conte Drawing

Carl Pulizzotto: Mosaic

Hannah Roberts: Charcoal Drawing

Gressil Serrano: Santos Painting

Grace Schmid: Photography

Ella Siepel: Mixed Media Sculpture

Abigail Simon: Media Arts

Grace Stolfa: Media Arts-Pattern

Paula Luna Szodo: Collage Book

Isabella Thompson: Photography

Sophia Toscano: Ceramics

Grace Tyrrell: Video

Javier Vias: Computer Graphics

Grace Wildermuth: Watercolor

Anisha Winfield: Charcoal Drawing   

A dazzling array of artwork was on display at the district's annual show
A dazzling array of artwork was on display at the district's annual show
Ever Ramirez-Chavez won a Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence for this piece.
Ever Ramirez-Chavez won a Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence for this piece.
Several gorgeous fashion designs also won awards.
Several gorgeous fashion designs also won awards.
Sophia Toscano created this award winning artwork.
Sophia Toscano created this award winning artwork.