Huntington science teacher Joseph Cohen

Teacher Joe Cohen is No. 1 with Junior Riva Bergman

Huntington science teacher Joseph Cohen.

January 18, 2019

Riva Bergman is a great student who gets along well with everyone at Huntington High School. She thinks especially highly of science teacher Joe Cohen, who the junior believes is an exceptionally talented educator who is popular the students in his classes.

“What makes Mr. Cohen a great teacher is his personality and how he connects with students,” Ms. Bergman said. “He never failed to push me past my limits in his science class. Whenever I wasn’t doing that well he knew I was not trying my best. He did everything he could to help me.”

Huntington High School junior Riva Bergman.
Huntington High School junior Riva Bergman.

Ms. Bergman hopes to intern with Mr. Cohen in one of his classes next year. “He is very well-liked throughout the school,” she said. He has been on the Huntington UFSD faculty since September 2006.

Mr. Cohen obtained a BS degree in secondary school biology teaching at Molloy College in 2006 and a Master of Science degree in education/biology at CUNY Queens College in 2010. He completed his state student teaching requirements at Baldwin and is currently pursuing certification as a school administrator.

Ms. Bergman doesn’t have to make a decision about which college to attend until next year, but she is currently interested in SUNY Geneseo, Rhode Island and Towson. “I know I want to major in social work or psychology or be a psychiatric nurse,” she said.

The teenager is participating in the Huntington Habitat for Humanity chapter’s trip to New Orleans during the mid-winter vacation. Mr. Bergman volunteers at Huntington Hospital and she’s involved in the high school’s annual Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. She’s been inducted into the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. She also participates in the Young Leaders youth development program.